Two SUPs are better than one - A Love Story!

What is life but one grand adventure? Imagine finding the perfect partner to share your passion for the outdoors like paddle boarding, who also wants to share a lifetime of adventures with you. Joseph and Veronika’s love story inspired all of us at NIXY and we are thrilled to share it with you!

match made in heaven, or an app?

Joseph and Veronika met in May of 2018 through a dating app that they were both about to delete from their phones that day. So, this love story, started with a click.

Their first date was so good, that by the end of it both were planning their second and third date. All three dates happened in less than a week which included a comedy show, a wonderful concert and a surprise trip. Joseph packed 2 bags of food and gear for 2-3 days and then asked Veronika if she was up for it. She didn't know how long or far the trip would be, so imagine his surprise when she agreed and said yes!”. A road trip that turned out to be a camping adventure.

Couple months after they went together on a stand up paddle board expedition to Lake Ontario, with the beautiful city of Toronto as the backdrop. They had such a great time that this trip became the beginning of their SUP adventures!

Someone who is a home and an adventure all at once

Being both passionate about stand up paddle boarding, they decided to become NIXY iSUP owners, so they could go off on paddling-camping adventures at any time after their 9 to 5 jobs. Organizing the expeditions while planning all the possible camping/paddling routes for the summer, filled their hours and hearts with excitement for the fun they would have together! 

On their second year together, Joseph and Veronika conquered a big milestone by buying their first home. In their third year together, Joseph asked himself “how can I surprise my best friend?, I’m a natural planner and normally in charge of all the travel and adventures, but this one had to be different. On this trip, I would surprise her and get down on one knee.”


THE SUP-prise

Joseph booked a tiny cabin in the beautiful Northern Frontenac of Ontario, Canada. "We brought our gravel bikes and of course, our NIXY iSUPs. I planned all the gravel routes around 80km in total and paddle routes across 3 lakes.

We like to call our NIXY boards our Magic Carpets because it literally takes us on an adventure every time we’re out. It’s never the same and each route is always a beautiful memory and experience!"

"My plan was to create a small brunch setup in front of our cabin displaying our bikes and boards as if we were going to take an Instagram photo opt. While her attention was on the camera, I would get down on one knee to propose (and hopefully control my nerves so I would be able to word my feelings at that time.) During the proposal, I wanted to tell her how lucky I felt to have her as part of my life. I wanted her to know that I see life like a one-way road. You only move forward and it’s up to you how fast or slow you want to go and enjoy each moment. You get to experience each avenue through good and bad times. You meet people along that journey at the right time, even if you think it is the wrong time. At the end of the day, we collect memories and experiences as we go through our journey, right? I wanted her to know that I wanted her to be with me in all those avenues, forever. Past, present, and future, always together.” 



“The night before I was unable to sleep. It was close to 5am when I went outside the cabin to get some air. A thick white fog covered the lake and in that moment of stillness as I stared into the breathtaking view, a new proposal idea came to mind. I had not yet scouted the lake and had no idea what was out there, but across the fog on the other side of the lake, I could see the silhouette of a big rock, almost like a stage. Judging by where the rock was and where the sun would shine in 30min, I knew the light would pierce through the fog and shine in that specific spot. This is the spot for a hail Mary play or a big fumble.

My plan required me to wake her up right then and grab our paddle boards to get across the lake before the sunrises. Time was ticking! I was surprised she woke up and agreed to my plan, although a bit grumpy, but she immediately got ready. Not too long after, we were on our NIXY inflatable paddle boards heading towards the rock. It looked so beautiful and as I predicted, the sun was starting to shine on top of it.

When we arrived, I said ‘let's anchor the boards and take a selfie on the rock.’ She had NO IDEA what was coming! My plan was working perfectly!

Drum roll please… We were on the rock and it was SHOWTIME. The sun started to pierce through the fog and rise to shine on just the two of us in the middle of the lake on top of that rock. Time to whip out the Bling Bling! All of a sudden, my breathing was shallow and my voice high. I got super nervous and my mind went blank. Until then, I had it all figured out, but now what?

I got down on one knee while she said “WTF are you doing?” Frozen, I was unable to take the ring out, so I had to rip it out of the package it came on (so suave). All the cheesy lines I had planned to say were gone. I simply muttered while looking into her eyes “ Magic ….would you like to be my best friend forever?”  I was so nervous that I did not even wait for her response, I went a head and put the ring on her finger. Then the moment I was waiting for played in slow motion, I would never forget her “Yes, with a big smile and a tear”. It was truly a magical moment for us surrounded by natures beauty.”  


“We wanted to skip the typical big wedding party. We invited our parents and close friends to a party of 16 up in the country side. The wedding theme was a cottage road trip to create memories. There was cooking, outdoor games, painting and lots of time spent on the fire just chatting with friends.

The surprise for all the guests? We arrived in style on top of our magic carpets (NIXY paddle boards). I still keep reminding Veronika, how beautiful she looked that day.” 


“Veronika and I are finally flying to Philippines for our honeymoon to discover new paddle routes in the 7100 islands it has to offer. We are flying to 3 islands and sailing into 1. The trip will last 3 weeks and unlimited turquoise water.”

For our next trip we still have another 7066 islands to go, but who is counting? It is all part of the journey" 


From all of us at NIXY, THANK YOU!

We love featuring our amazing customers and learning from their adventures. Please feel free to share your story with us by contacting us at Happy Paddling!



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