Disconnect to Reconnect with Nature

Disconnect to Reconnect!
Celebrate Earth Day with NIXY Sports
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Kayaking on Earth DayThis Earth Day, let's take a moment to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with the beauty of nature through our eco-friendly activities. By choosing to engage in sustainable and respectful ways to enjoy our environment, we not only honor the earth but also contribute to its preservation.

Fun, Eco-Friendly Activities

Clean-up Cruise: Grab your inflatable kayak or iSUP for a clean-up cruise. Join us in this meaningful, eco-friendly activity to pick up litter and make a positive impact on your local waterways. Not only will you help keep our "playground" clean and pristine, but you'll also set a wonderful example for others to follow.

Picnic Paddle: Pack your favorite sustainable snacks and hop on your inflatable kayak or iSUP for a scenic picnic paddle. This eco-friendly activity is the perfect way to unwind and appreciate the wonders of our planet. Furthermore, it’s a great opportunity to teach younger generations about the importance of environmental stewardship.

Wildlife Watch: Explore habitats teeming with wildlife. From colorful birds to elusive animals, there is so much to discover! Identify local plants and animals and learn about their unique behaviors and habitats. Additionally, this activity encourages understanding and protection of these ecosystems, furthering our eco-friendly efforts.

Let's honor the beauty of our planet while making lasting memories on the water through these engaging, eco-friendly activities!

Making a Difference

Recycled Materials: NIXY Adventure Changing Parka is made with 100% recycled polyester. Stay warm and change discreetly in public, while supporting sustainable fashion practices. This is another step in our journey toward eco-friendly product development.

Quiet Recreation: Explore natural waterways without the noise and pollution that motorized watercraft can cause. This quiet recreation is an essential part of preserving the serene environment and is a key eco-friendly practice.

Research & Development: NIXY is advancing sustainability by cutting plastic waste and creating a bio-degradable paddle board. Through continuous innovation, we aim to revolutionize how water sports gear is made, leading the way towards a more sustainable future with eco-friendly solutions.

Together, let's paddle towards a greener tomorrow through our eco-friendly practices!


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