About Us

Who we are and Why to Choose NIXY

Established in 2015, just miles from the famous beaches of Southern California, NIXY is a family-owned business founded by paddleboards, for paddleboarders. It all started when we began our search for an ISUP for us. However, there wasn’t one board that fulfilled our wants. We were searching for a portable, high-quality & lightweight board that was also stylish. After thorough research and exhausting our options, we asked ourselves “Why don’t we make a durable, lightweight, portable board with the features we are looking for?” What started as a conception of our own, ended up being what others wanted as well. That is how NIXY Sports was born; to this day we stand by our words “Only design top quality products that we would trust and use ourselves” 

At NIXY, we started designing great products because we needed them ourselves. As paddleboarders, we’re NIXY’s own toughest critics. That’s why we only use top-notch quality materials and designs that we back up with a 1-2 Year Warranty and excellent customer service. We believe in the NIXY community, we aren’t just a business, we are a community.

When shopping for inflatable paddle boards there are many companies and products to choose from, but not all are created equal. We pride ourselves on knowing that our customers are getting a quality paddleboard that will last them for years! Our boards are durable & lightweight thanks to their Advanced Fusion Technology dual layer PVC construction. Unlike our competition, NIXY Paddle Boards have Carbon Fiber Side Rails for extra durability from puncture, many mounting points to attach your favorite accessories and removable dual bungee systems for easy and secure storage. All Boards come with a premium carbon fiber hybrid paddle, dual-stage pump, and a premium carrying backpack, everything you will need to hit the water immediately.