Randy Brandt Takes Us Camping with an Inflatable Paddle Board

Journey Camping with an Inflatable Paddle Board

Lucky for us, we have another great story to share with you all. This time around Randy decided to paddle to his campsite with whatever would fit on the inflatable paddle board. We can’t get enough of these iSUP adventures as Randy details another epic trip. His stories inspire us to get on our inflatable paddle board and explore more than the eye meets. We hope that it too will inspire you.  

Where did Randy wind up and how did he get there?

Horseshoe Bend! How can the natural beauty of such a place not draw you towards it? Well, that is exactly what it did to Randy when that screensaver image popped up on his TV. It was quite humorous as he shared that bit of information and we couldn’t help but laugh. That photo helped him determine his next destination and we’re glad that it did! Randy took himself through Horseshoe Bend, Bryce National Park and the Great Basin this time around.  

What kind of preparation was needed?

“It’s funny how much I wing it.” We’re not saying that it’s the best bet, but we can understand why Randy would “wing it”. He’s courageous and has a strong physical background. Sure, there must have been some planning, but it was just the basics. Randy had to do some research of the river, options to paddle and locations to camp. He also needed to buy some dry bags to keep his belongings dry when paddling to his campsite. There was also a need to contact and reserve a back haul to get to the dam. For those who are interested in something similar, we highly recommend you prepare as much as possible.  

How did this trip differ from the last?

This expedition was unique in a way that Randy would have to lug all his belongings on the iSUP. Going camping with an inflatable paddle board is not easy to say the least. He had nearly 30 lbs. of gear with him while paddling 8 miles on the river to get to the campsite. As much effort as it took, it didn’t veer him too far from his thoughts on his last adventure. That is, each trip reminds him of how much more there is out there to explore.  

Were there any adversities?

As we know with anything new, there are sure to be a few obstacles. With this escapade, Randy found it to be a little tricky to travel down the river with all his belongings. Trying to balance the gear while paddle boarding as the current is going and waters at 48ºF was a risk he took. We cannot speculate and say it was a simple ride, but he did it nonetheless! It’s funny how we like to consider anything risky as an adversity but there was one thing Randy mentioned that was amusing. It wasn’t that he was trying to figure anything out, it was the mere fact that he was distracted by the beautiful surroundings while paddle boarding. He would look out yonder and enjoy what nature had to offer not realizing the current was spinning him in circles. Sure, it took a little more work to get to his destination because of that but it was well worth it.  

The favorite part and where to next?

When asked about Randy’s favorite part camping with an inflatable paddle board he gave a great visual. Imagine being on your inflatable paddle board in the middle of nowhere out in the water. All you see are the amazing colors of the canyon with all sorts of reflections from the water. Silence and stillness, even as your moving through, without seeing or hearing anyone for thirty minutes to an hour at times. He explained all of this in one word, tranquility. This trip was one for the books and Randy plans on conquering more. The next stop in mind will be Point Harbor & Half Moon Bay in Northern California. This trip is significant to him because his father’s and grandfather’s ashes are there. Sometimes, it’s nice to feel connected emotionally and energetically to a loved one passed through our own adventures. We are ecstatic to hear that story when the time comes.   If you missed Randy's last adventure, read it here. Here at NIXY, we love sharing our customers stories, adventures and experiences. It is much more than the eye meets, NIXY is about the life you lead and the meaning behind it. So grab your NIXY Inflatable Paddle Board and start your own explorations! We appreciate feedback. Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below or e-mail us at chat@nixysports.com. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Also, check out Randy's Instagram to get more photos of his awesome trips.


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