Floating Hammock
Floating Hammock
Floating Hammock
Floating Hammock
Floating Hammock
Floating Hammock

NIXY Floating Hammock

$795.00 USD
Dive into aquatic bliss with our inflatable floating Hammock. Crafted for those who prioritize quality, reliability, and safety, it boasts durability with welded seams and a soft EVA UV protected pad for comfort. Equipped with multiple D-rings for accessories, it's your ticket to versatile, hassle-free water adventures.
  • 8'
  • 10'


  • Construction: 
    Advanced Welded Seams
    Single Layer PVC
    Drop Stitch
    Durable Plastic Mesh
  • Recomended Inflation: 12 ~ 15 PSI
  • Pad: Non-Slip Soft Stamped UV Protected Traction Pad
  • Valve: H3 Push Valve

Size 8’ 

  • Dimensions: 96″ W (outside) × 66″ W (inside) × 8″ H
  • Capacity: 700+ LBS
  • Weight: 
  • Travel Size: 
  • Handles: 4x Grab Handles
  • Mounting: 3x D-Rings with M8 action mounts

Size 10’ 

  • Dimensions: 120" W (outside) × 90” W (inside) × 8″ H
  • Capacity: 1200+ LBS
  • Weight: 
  • Travel Size: 
  • Handles: 6x Grab Handles
  • Mounting: 3x D-Rings with M8 action mounts

NIXY Floating Hammock - Embark on a Relaxing Adventure

Enjoy peaceful moments with our inflatable floating hammock. It's perfect for lakes, calm waters, and hanging off the back of your boat. Crafted from durable PVC with welded seams, it ensures long-lasting use in gentle aquatic environments.

This floating hammock stands out for those who value quality, reliability, and safety. Its robust construction offers prolonged durability. You can relax comfortably and create memorable experiences.

Whether seeking solitude or fun with friends, setting up our hammock is a breeze. Moreover, its lightweight design and portability mean you can easily bring relaxation to any body of water.

NIXY Floating Hammock Key Benefits:

  • Peak Safety and Durability: Our hammock is built with welded seams, providing excellent durability and safety. It serves as a dependable option for all your water adventures.
  • All-Around Excellence: Ideal for both lakes and calm ocean edges, this hammock delivers a versatile and unforgettable experience in any setting.
  • Soft and Comfortable EVA UV Protect Pad: This feature includes a soft UV-protected pad. It enhances comfort and protects against the elements, ensuring a luxurious floating experience.
  • Enhanced Accessibility with Multiple D-Rings: Equipped with numerous D-rings and mounting bases, our hammock allows for easy attachment of accessories. This adds convenience and versatility to your adventures on the water.
  • Portable: The hammock's light yet robust construction facilitates easy transportation. Additionally, its quick setup maximizes your time enjoying the water.


With welded seams and superior PVC drop stitch, the NIXY new inflatable series redefines industry standards. Designed for those who prioritize quality, reliability, and safety, each product promises unparalleled performance and durability.
  1. Welded Seams & Single PVC Layer Drop Stitch
    Ensures safety, light weight, and durability.
  2. Elegant Deck with UV-Protected Soft Pad
    Offers comfort and durability. 
  3. Multiple Mounting Points and D-Rings
    Enhances functionality, allowing for attachments like kayak seats, coolers, cameras, phones, fishing rods, and more.
  4. Multiple Heavy Duty Handles
    Equipped with multiple heavy-duty handles for effortless maneuvering and added comfort. 
  5. Durable Plastic Mesh
    Featuring a durable plastic mesh center for added stability, comfort and fun during your water adventures. 
  6. Push H3 Valve
    H3 valve compatible with most iSup standard electric and hand pumps.
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