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ISUPworld's Review of the NIXY Electric Pump

It's amazing how ISUPworld reviews our products so quickly and we appreciate every bit of it! Get a detailed breakdown of everything you need to know about this electric pump in this review. Read the review here and feel free to leave us a comment below.

Electric Pump Highlights

  • Most electric pumps does not have the option to inflate up to 20 PSI if needed. Our pump allows you to should you decide to inflate your iSUP more than 15 PSI's
  • You can easily plug it into the cigarette lighter or attach the battery cables to your car battery
  • The hose is 50" long which makes it incredibly convenient for you to inflate your board next to your car

What Else?

It may not seem much to most, but we did keep in mind the accessibility when we created the electric pump carry bag. ISUPworld said this was one of their favorite features and we designed it with those intentions!

If You Haven't Already...

You can purchase your electric pump here. Also, be sure to check out ISUPworld's review of our NIXY Venice G2 board. We promise it'll give you some great insights!    


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