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iSUP Wakeboarding with Your Loved Ones

Wakeboarding you say? Yes, specifically iSUP wakeboarding. You may not get off the water and do those cool tricks and turns but you certainly can go iSUP wakeboarding. Who knew?! Well, this one family from Orange County did and we were lucky enough to get their incredible story. Let the journey begin from their perspective and in return I hope it will give you inspiration to try it yourself.  

Where it Began....

We have been paddle boarding with our NIXY iSUPs for the last 4 years. We love going out to the bay on the weekends and enjoy our paddling sessions around Newport Harbor. Sometimes we take our children with us, other times, we bring along our puppy. Then, there are days some of us want to paddle by ourselves during the sunrise to get the day started fantastically.  

Taking Inspiration

Not long ago we came across a photo shared on NIXY's social media outlets showing customers taking their NIXY iSUP out to the lake to wakeboard! That peeked our curiosity and that was when we decided we to try this on our upcoming annual trip to Lake Havasu. We have been taking these trips to Lake Havasu with our family and friends every year for the last 18 years. After several trips we nailed down a routine which included paddle boarding, lunch in gorgeous coves, rock climbing and even cliff diving. This time around, all those plans we're thrown out the window.... or shall I say, off the boat. EVERYONE was trying this whether it was sitting, kneeling or standing with or without a second person. We had so much fun trying iSUP wakeboarding and surfing for the first time we forgot all other activities. Each rider was enjoying it so much it was hard to give the next eager boarder a chance!  

What We've Learned

We ended up spending the whole day in the same area trying to gain better control. You learn you'll need a steady speed in order to stand up and a faster speed to have a solid ride. Playing with the wake behind the boat was fascinating as you try to surf easily on the water. At times, we were laughing so hard it was difficult to keep focus! More often than none we were falling more than we were standing. Our greatest achievement was when we figured out we were able to surf from the wake the boat created! Stay on the pocket behind the boat as you surf and you'll glide with ease.  

Overall Experience

At the end of the day, as the sun was setting, we all had smiles from ear to ear feeling tired but happy. Going out iSUP wakeboarding was more fun than we expected it to be. We can't wait to do it again and make this a tradition from here on out. We've shared some photos and hope you can utilize the iSUP in more ways than one like we did.


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