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You've read that right! NIXY's 20 PSI electric pump has been named the best electric pump and editors choice by Don't believe us? Check it out here to read the full review. Also, they've put together a fun little video to show how easy it is! Get more insight with comparisons on other electric pumps reviews from this article. Let us know your thoughts and leave a comment or question below.  

Why NIXY Electric Pump

Besides making it easier for you to inflate your iSUP, here are a few points made to determine this the best electric pump.

  • The hose adapter is compatible with any inflatable SUP or Kayak with an H3 valve, which is all of them.
  • A safety setting allows you to “set it and forget it” – simply enter the target PSI value and the pump will shut off automatically.
  • The included air hose is flexible, so it stays kink-free.


Get Your NIXY Electric Pump Today

Why wait any longer when you can get yours today. It is powerful, easy to use and has a one year warranty covering everything outside of normal wear and tear. Take a look at our other review of this electric pump previously done by here. You can buy the best electric pump here on NIXY or find it on Amazon. Start saving your energy and enjoy being on the water a lot longer!  


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