What are the Health Benefits of Stand Up Paddle Board?

Since 2013, Stand Up Paddle Board has been ranked the fastest growing outdoor activity, with the most first-time participants. It's easy to figure out why! It's a fun & easy workout with outstanding health benefits and the perfect family activity all year long. After a paddling session, you will always feel FANTASTIC, so what are you waiting for? Give it a try, and you’ll notice how much happier and stronger you feel.

Some Health Benefits of Stand Up Paddleboarding:

    • Improves balance: Stand Up Paddle board requires you to stand upright on the board, which requires a lot of core stability and leg strength to maintain balance. Your will feel awkward only the first minutes, but you’ll get the hang of it really fast.
    • Full body workout: Because of the balance that is required to perform on a Stand Up Paddle Board, leg muscles will work hard attempting to stabilize your center of gravity. Arms, back and shoulders will be used to propel the paddleboard in the water. The core, back and abdominal muscles will constantly be at work to maintain your balance. You will feel it afterwards. Trust us!
    • Low impact: Stand Up Paddle board is categorized as a low impact exercise. Therefore, it’s unlikely that you will damage tendons and ligaments of any of your joints.
    • Stress Reducing: Exercise helps to significantly reduce stress while water naturally soothes the body. That amazing feeling of “walking on water” while the rhythm of your stroke tries to match your breathing, it will work wonders to melt stress right away!
    • Overall increased strength: After spending a day out on a Stand Up Paddle Board, it’s natural to feel a little sore all over your body. That means that you are building up your overall body strength.
    • Cardio workout: If you spend enough time out on the water Paddle boarding, you can get a great cardio workout. Want to get your heart rate up? Race your friends while paddling to make it a bit more motivating. Set strokes cycles and try to challenge yourself, to get to a certain speed without loosing stability. Try different body positions when stroking with your paddle and see what works best. It's a constant evolution. The more you paddle, the better you will get!
    • Helpful in rehabilitation injuries: Because of its low impact nature, Stand Up Paddle Board can be a useful tool for people in rehab to gently increase strength without doing any harm. It is very gentle on your muscles and joints.
    • Better cardiovascular health:  According to iSupWorld.com, Stand Up Paddle Board will help you avoid being a victim of heart attacks and strokes. Because engaging in paddle boarding is similar to running, aerobics, or even cross training, you’ll have improved cardiovascular health and less risk for related diseases.
    • A great way to connect with nature: Being out on the water is calming, and engaging with nature will always have a positive effect on your mental health and attitude. In addition, getting extra vitamin D from the sun is always good!

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