NIXY Inflatable SUP Venice 10'6" Review by

Check out the extraordinary review of our NIXY Venice G2 that spotlights. Material: Very durable high-pressure double layer drop-stitch PVC material with Fusion Laminated Dropstitch to create a stronger, lighter and stiffer board. Best Suited For: Yoga, fitness, cruising on lakes, river and ocean. Also great for beginners and for bringing dogs or kids along for the ride as it is nice and stable. Pros: Very stable, ultra light weight, portable, quick to inflate, front bungees for storing gear, lots of D-rings, comfortable soft traction pad ideal for yoga, easy to maneuver and turns quickly, side paddle holder, comes with great accessories. This is a board that anyone could paddle no matter your experience level. It is a comfortable ride and ideal for fitness. Read the complete review here:


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