Why Inflatable Paddle Boards?

Stand Up Paddle Boarding originated in Hawaii as an off shoot of surfing. While traditional surfing requires the rider to be sitting until a wave comes, the Stand Up Paddle Boarders maintain an upright stance on their boards, while using a paddle to propel themselves through the water. Why Inflatable Paddle Boards?

Parts of an Inflatable Paddle Board

Width. The wider the board the more stable it is. The width of the board affects directly it’s stability and speed as a result, racers will have narrow boards (28 inches wide) while beginners benefit from a wide board (31-33 inches average).

Length. The longer the board, the faster and harder to turn it'll be. iSUP surfers usually use 8’-10' boards while racers use 12’-16' boards. A good size for most beginning & intermediate paddlers ranges between 10’ to 12’ foot range.
A perfect size for beginning/intermediate paddlers is the NIXY "Newport 10'6" because it offers a great balance between width, length and thickness.

Thickness. Thickness tells you how buoyant a board is. For NIXY, stability in the water is crucial for a pleasant experience. If an iSUP is less than six inches thick, it feels awkward as a result.

Hull shape. You will notice how Race Boards have a displacement hull similar to the bottom of a sailboat. iSUP inflatable Paddle Boards have a flat bottom similar to the bottom of a barge. A flat bottom makes the board more stable thus, easy to turn.

Rails. Rails are the sides of a paddle board. They are only important if you are surfing where you need rails in order to carve into the face of the wave.

Is a NIXY Inflatable Paddle Board right for me?

Easy to transport. When deflated, a NIXY Inflatable Paddle Board will become the size of a medium duffel bag and fit any car. It doesn't require a roof rack and when traveling internationally it goes as a piece of luggage.

Very Durable. A NIXY Inflatable Paddle Board is made with the highest quality PVC. The same heavy-duty urethane as a river raft. Therefore, it is the preferred option for rivers because paddling over rocks in low water, is almost imposible to avoid.

Soft. It's rather common for Kids and adults to fall down hard or get injured on a regular SUP. The soft flexible surface of an inflatable SUP makes it less likely for someone to hurt his/her head, face, elbows and knees while paddling, surfing or just playing around. As a result, a safer overall experience.

Affordable. NIXY Inflatable Paddle Boards range between $525-$625 and comes with a Paddle, Fins, Leash, Pressure Pump, Repair Kit and a Travel Backpack. All packed in one convenient/easy to carry package.

Easy to store. NIXY Inflatable Paddle Boards are easy to transport and it doesn’t require roof racks. Because it doesn't take much room to store, if you live in an apartment without a garage or somewhere where you do not have much storage, this is a very convenient factor!

Tip to an easy Inflatable Paddle Board inflation: 

It's not super obvious at first, but there are two settings to the valve on the board where the inflation pump hose attaches: inflate/closed (valve down) position and deflate/open. (valve up) It's important to twist the valve into the inflate/closed position before attaching the inflation hose. 

In the closed/inflate position air still gets in through the valve in order to pump up the board but when you take the hose off when you are finished pumping, you won't lose valuable air pressure when you disconnect the hose from the board.

At NIXY iSUP Inflatable Paddle Boards, we are passionate about our products and quality of our boards. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will be glad to help!

Life is an adventure, get your NIXY iSUP Inflatable Paddle Board and enjoy a fantastic, fun, active lifestyle! For questions email us at social@nixysports.com Visit our website for more info about our boards at www.nixysports.com


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