How to Paddle Board with your Dog

How to Paddleboard with your Dog

Dogs are our best friends, why not taking them on our Paddleboard with us? It can be a great outdoor experience for both you and your pup. NIXY Inflatable Paddleboards are the perfect SUP for dogs.

Easy tips to Paddleboard with your Dog

Train it before getting in the water. Having an inflated board around the house for couple of days will help your dog get used to it before he gets in the water. This will help him not being afraid and in conclusion have a great experience on it! Give him positive rewards. With a happy-playful attitude and a treat in hand, have your dog walk on top of the board and sit or lay in the front. Only give him a treat once he is calmly seated on the paddleboard, as a result your pup will get used to go directly to that spot when in the water. Add layers. Once your dog gets on the board and goes to “his spot”, try again with his PFD on. Because he is getting treats with the process, he will get used to the lifejacket and will associate it with a rewarding experience and as a result, be comfortable with it. On and Off the Paddleboard. It is a great idea to teach your pup where to go on and off the board. Create a simple command for him to STAY on the board (reward him with a treat) and another command to JUMP off the board (another treat). It's important not to reward him when he gets off the board without you saying it. It takes a bit of time but works almost every time! Get on your Paddleboard with him. Once your dog knows where to be and is comfortable on the board, practice sitting behind him and giving him treats if he stays on his spot. Finally, add your standing and paddling behind him until he gets comfortable with all that “fuss”. Let’s go to the water! When you see that he is comfortable with his lifejacket and ready to the big step, take the board close to where you will be paddling. Have him practice his routine and then get on the water with him. If it seems like he is ok with it, keep the rewarding process and ENJOY! Remember that every dog is different and some will take less than others to adapt. With love and patience, this will be a rewarding experience for you and your best friend! In addition to a fantastic workout! If you have any questions, contact us at or visit our website


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