Sup Board Guide Review of NIXY's Huntington G3

This detailed review from will truly help you decide whether the NIXY Hungtinton G3 9'6" Compact is the right paddle board for you. This will highlight who should be buying this iSUP as well as the performance, manuverability, and tracking of the board. The Huntington is a unique one of a kind SUP that's rated 8.9 from SUP Board Guide. Check out their review below. 

paddle boarding on NIXY Huntington G3 9'6" compact

Get detailed insights to help you choose your next board.

Interested in purchasing the compact Huntington G3? Click here to buy. Already have one? Share your experience with us and leave a review the on the product page! Have any questions or comments? Please feel free to share it with us below or simply contact us via e-mail, chat or phone.


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