Tell Your Tale with Paraiso Choroni

On this week’s Tell Your Tale at NIXY, we venture into the beautiful country of Venezuela. Pedro Di Palma gives us a glimpse into his world of paddling boarding in the most alluring waters we have seen in a long time. Here, paddle boarding is not only a sport, but a way to bring the community together. This is a place to be when looking for an adventure with family or friends.

NIXY: When did you start Paddle boarding? What motivated you to get involved with this sport?

Pedro: My love for paddle boarding started at a surfing event back in 2014. An old friend of mine lent his SUP to me to try. I fell in love immediately! I have gone kayaking before but the feeling a stand-up paddle board gave me was much more exhilarating. It was almost as though I was completely free and able to walk on water. Plus, the perspective from the SUP got me hooked!

Group having a good time on Nixy iSUP

NIXY: Why did you choose a NIXY inflatable SUP? What do you like most about your board?

Pedro: A friend of mine who had a NIXY iSUP recommended their boards to me. I visited their website and loved their designs. The 2-year warranty was a bonus! What I love most about my NIXY board is the quality and it being lightweight. The paddle holder bungee system is super convenient. Also, the double bungee system is extremely helpful for our long paddling expeditions.

Nixy iSUP being used on a long paddling expedition

NIXY: What activities do you enjoy with your board?

Pedro: One of my favorite activities is to get as far away as possible to explore hidden beaches and bays. I will always remember the time I came across two gigantic shark whales as they let me paddle by them. Those few minutes felt like a lifetime but it was definitely an unforgettable experience!

Nixy iSUP being used to get to remote locations

NIXY: What are some challenges you have encountered with paddle boarding? Have you learned anything that you can share with the NIXY community?

Pedro: The biggest challenge I came across was when I participated in an event for kids with motor incapacity and had to paddle downwind in an open ocean for 9.5 miles. We started from beautiful Choroní all the way to the beach town of Cata. It was a significant time for me since I was able to share with them my passion for the sport. I learned so much from them such as how our limitations mostly come from our minds. They had a blast playing on my iSUP and that made me extremely happy! I have completed long journeys paddle boarding, but this was the first time on an inflatable SUP. I felt safe during the ride knowing my NIXY responded great against the wind. I am also able to surf the waves easily thanks to the rigidity of my iSUP.

Motor disabled person showing off his skills on a Nixy iSUP

NIXY: What do you like the most about paddle boarding? Do you have a paddling community where you live?

Pedro: What I love most about paddle boarding is that I can practice in any condition. With or without waves, wind, in oceans, lakes, rivers, etc. On top of that, it is a low impact sport that helps keeps us in great physical condition and improves our overall health. Here in Choroní and in Venezuela, we have a small community of paddle boarders, but we invite anyone who wants to join! Check out Instagram @paraisochoroni and contact us anytime, we will show you around this gorgeous corner of the planet. We take people out on excursions around Choroní and soon in Los Roques as well as Morrocoy, providing fun activities for families/groups. This includes paddle boarding, kayaking, wakeboarding, and snorkeling adventures. Some of our excursions include trekking to amazing rivers and waterfalls which you will not want to miss out on!

Aerial view of paddling group

NIXY: What piece of advice would you give to someone who is starting out on paddle boarding? Any tips? 

Pedro: The biggest piece of advice I would give is that when you are starting out, make sure you have company. Try not to go alone and please be safe! Make sure to always wear your leash, life jacket, and bring along a whistle in case of an emergency. Otherwise, with paddle boarding, I suggest keeping your knees slightly bent for better balance and focus on the water instead of your feet. This will help you from falling off the board or lessen the amount of times you do. Keep your arms straight so they become an extension of your body which will encourage you to use your core to paddle. To improve your resistance, go paddle boarding often adding a little distance to build strength and energy. We recommend other activities that will compliment paddle boarding such as biking, running, etc. to keep your cardiovascular health up. 

Choose your board wisely. Depending on your storage capacity, size of your car and how often it will be used, you can decide between a hard or inflatable SUP. If you are planning to practice paddle boarding often and have space limitations, I suggest an inflatable stand up paddle board. We love that yoga can be done on the board or bringing along another person without compromising the performance. For us, the NIXY Newport is the perfect all-around board.

You can follow Pedro and the crew on instagram at @paraisochoroni.

Collage from paraisochoroni's instagram

From all of us at NIXY, THANK YOU!

We love featuring our amazing customers and learning from their adventures.

Happy Paddling!


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