How to get more confidence on your Inflatable SUP

How to get more confidence on your Inflatable SUP

An Inflatable SUP (Stand Up Paddle) board is easy to carry and transport, perfect to travel with and store. Once in the water, it's stable, reliable and comfortable. NIXY iSUPs were designed to fulfill all the expectations of a paddler. In addition comes with great accessories to make your experience in the water a fantastic one!

Key Accessories

Paddle: NIXY inflatable SUP comes with an adjustable aluminum paddle. It’s durable and adjustable and collapses down to the width of the board which makes the complete package easy to transport and store. If you want a higher performance paddle, you can always upgrade to a NIXY carbon fiber SUP Paddle. Backpack: When you go on adventures with your board and have a short hike or want to travel the world with it, the NIXY Inflatable SUP comes with an amazing & durable Travel Back Pack that is easy to carry and has wheels for when long walks are needed instead of carrying it on your back. Life Jacket: To go ride on your inflatable SUP make sure to have Coast Guard approved life jacket. Seems like many areas in the US make it mandatory. Leash: NIXY Inflatable SUP comes with a coiled leash that was designed to avoid the drag on the bottom and won’t get stuck while you are paddling, as a result? A safe and fantastic experience! Electric Pump: If you are not too excited about pumping up your board every time you use it, you can get the Bravo electric SUP air pump for inflating your board. We use it when we have several boards to inflate. Very fast and convenient and most of all, helpful! For questions you can email us at or check our website


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