Interview with NIXY

How were you initially introduced to the sport of stand-up paddle boarding?

We have been going camping on Catalina Island, CA once a year for the last 15 years. We always rented a kayak to enjoy and carry our scuba diving gear from the shop to the beach we would dive. A few years ago, they started renting paddle boards. Out of curiosity we rented one and there was no turning back. We loved it and we were hooked immediately. We would rent SUPs anytime we had a chance until it became a better option to own one because we used it so much.


What ignited the spark in you to get involved in the industry?

We are passionate about paddle boarding and it’s an activity that we love sharing with our friends and family. After spending a long time unsuccessfully looking for a good inflatable paddle board & package that would not cost us a fortune (we wanted more than one board) we decided to use our design and engineering background to create the inflatable paddle boards that we wanted with all the features that we “required”. When the final product was in our hands, it was just too good not to share with everyone! We had created a high-quality board, light, portable, with great performance, extremely stable, with amazing accessories and details. By selling directly online, we could offer the package at such competitive prices, that we decided to start the business and it has been great since then!


How important have good employees been to your success?

We have an amazing team of passionate employees that help us thrive and make us better. We are thankful for their passion and commitment to our brand. We are who we are because of our super team!


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