Get the Best Out of a SUP Electric Pump

Electric pumps are popular for quite a few reasons. They do all the hard work so you can enjoy longer paddling sessions and make each set up more efficient. 

Any paddler who owns an inflatable stand up paddleboard knows how convenient it is to travel the world due to its lightweight portability. What makes it more convenient is having an electric pump to bring along. It is all the little things that make a paddleboarding experience a great one and the SUP electric pump will certainly add to that experience. Once you find the right inflatable paddle board electric pump, you’ll never want to use a hand pump again! 

What to look for when buying an electric pump?

1. Dual Stage 

A dual stage electric pump is not only fast but powerful. The first stage is set at a high volume with low pressure to fill your iSUP board quickly. The second stage is the opposite with a high pressure and low volume to continue inflating your paddle board to reach the desired PSI. You will notice the pump getting louder and air inflation slowing but the second stage will inflate the SUP to full pressure in less than 10 minutes. Be mindful when choosing an electric pump. Some electric pumps are single stage which are not designed for inflatable SUPs which means they will burn out or damage the internal structure of the board.

2. Auto Shut Off

The auto shut off feature makes having an electric pump much more convenient. It allows you to set the desired PSI which will automatically shut off once it’s reached. This gives you the opportunity to continue setting up any paddling gear. 

3. Active Cooling Tech

Not all pumps are the same and many do not come with an active cooling tech feature. This is important for anyone who uses their electric pump often and wants to inflate multiple boards without being required to let the pump cool down.

4. Deflate Mode

This additional feature is great to have on an electric pump. It allows you to deflate the board completely so that it’ll be easier to fold and store into the backpack. 

5. LCD Digital Display

Gauges can be faulty at times so we like to go with a digital display. This will easily help you select the desired PSI (1-20)/Bar (0.34-1.379) and monitor the pressure in real time with the backlit LCD display. It is simple to read and convert from PSI to BAR if necessary. 

6. Universal Nozzles

Finding the right nozzle that will work with your iSUP or inflatable toys is imperative. Many pumps come with one type of nozzle and few with multiple nozzles that make it universal. 

7. 12V DC Connector 

You’ll want to be sure what kind of connection comes with the electric pump. There are options such as the cigarette lighter or alligator clips that can easily connect to the car. NIXY offers a battery pack that will make inflating anywhere easy. 

8. NIXY Battery Pack

Having a battery pack on hand will allow one to inflate their iSUP anywhere that’s convenient for them! Forget about walking your inflatable stand up paddle board from the parking lot to the water when it can be inflated right on the sand. At NIXY, we designed a battery pack that compliments our NIXY Ventus Electric Pump which is portable and fits perfectly in the bag. Inflate 2-3 iSUPs (depending on size) to 15 PSI in one charge. It’s also built in with LED lights and USB charging ports making it multifunctional. 

9. Carrying Bag

We love having something easy to bring along. With that said, a bag definitely makes carrying an electric pump effortless. It will protect the pump and all the accessories with its high quality material. 

nixy ventus electric pump

Check out the NIXY Ventus Electric Pump

This portable, high pressure, ultra light electric pump was designed by our team to help take the load off in inflating an inflatable SUP. Carry it anywhere with ease as it only weighs 4 lbs and comes in a high quality bag. The 2 stage electric pump will lessen the work and time so that you have more energy and stay on the water longer. With our patented ACTIVE COOLING TECH, the Ventus electric pump can inflate up to 10 boards consecutively without overheating. Not only does it inflate iSUPs, it comes with 7 nozzle attachments so that it can be used for any inflatable toy whether it is a kayak, dock, or dinghies. 

Nozzle Attachments Included:

2 - Boston Valves

2 - Pinch valves

1 - C7 Valve

1 - H3/H4 Valve

1 - 805 Valve.

Take a deeper look into what our NIXY Ventus Electric Pump has to offer!

NIXY Ventus Electric Pump Challenge

nixy ventus electric pump

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Have questions or comments? Please feel free to share below or contact us directly. We're more than happy to help! 


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