Top 6 Accessories to Improve Your Paddleboarding Experience

For those looking to improve their paddleboarding experience, we’ve compiled a list of 6 accessories that will make paddling simple and efficient. Not only will these accessories help with any SUP adventure, but some of these items are also versatile and can be used for other purposes.


Adjustable Carbon Fiber SUP Paddles
Using the right paddle for your specific SUP style makes a big difference and can help you avoid injuries. All of us at NIXY love the versatility of a carbon fiber SUP paddle whether a short or long paddling session. It is extremely lightweight and comfortable, therefore, allowing less effort and more distance. This in turn will cause less work in the shoulders making paddling on a SUP easier for anyone. Once the strength is discovered in using a carbon fiber paddle, you’ll never want to go back to using any other paddles.

nixy carbon fiber paddle

Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard Electric Pump
Easy, reliable, user friendly, and a time saver. There is no denying how much an electric SUP pump will improve a paddleboarding experience. The main reason for any paddler is to conserve energy so more time and effort can be used on the water. It saves a bit of time as well so you can get the rest of your gear ready while the 12v electric pump does its job by fully inflating the board on average of 10 minutes. Our NIXY Ventus is a universal electric SUP pump that comes with 7 nozzle attachments that can be used with many other inflatable/blow up toys. Save energy and time by investing in an inflatable stand up paddle board electric pump! You truly won’t regret it.

nixy ventus electric pump paddle board

Landing Mat
The purpose of a landing mat is plain, simple, and some find it necessary. It not only does it protect and keeps a SUP paddleboard clean but other equipment such as snorkeling gear, kayak, and more. The convenience of a landing mat while setting up and disassembling will certainly help the clean up process.

nixy landing mat

SUP Sling Carrying Strap
Freedom of movement with a SUP sling! Sometimes walking a distance to the water from the parking spot carrying your paddleboard can be a bit of a struggle. The SUP Sling will help take some of that pressure off by attaching it easily onto an inflatable stand up paddleboard and throwing it over the shoulder. Save the arm strength for the paddling and keep the hand from grasping so tightly onto the center handle with the carry strap.

nixy sup sling carry strap

Paddleboard Kayak Seat & Kayak Blade
Don’t want to stand? We love when a SUP is versatile and can be changed up by attaching a kayak seat and kayak blade! From small surfing to yoga, the most leisure activity of all is kayaking on a paddleboard. Effortlessly attach an adjustable kayak seat to the board, affix the kayak blade to the other end of the paddle, sit back and enjoy the relaxing moments through each stroke. These are perfect for paddlers who have a little trouble getting on their feet and still get a fantastic workout.

nixy paddleboard kayak seat kayak blade

SUP Anchor
Avoid dragging or worrying about the currant taking you too far out. A paddleboard anchor is perfect for those who just want to “hang out”. It’s great for paddlers who want to take in the scenery and possibly sit in a bit of serenity for a little while. Some adventurers love to fish on their boards so having a SUP anchor will help keep them in one place as they wait for the fish to take the bait. While some of us love to relax or fish, others enjoy the practice of yoga on a paddleboard. Throw in the SUP yoga anchor as to not float away through your child pose, warrior 1, or downward dog.

nixy sup anchor yoga

From all of us at NIXY, THANK YOU!

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