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The most important skill in stand up paddle boarding is balance. Whether you have it or not, paddle boarding on a NIXY inflatable stand up paddle board is one of the best ways to improve your balance. With our various sized boards, we have something for every skill level. But do you want to know which furry friend has the best balance? Your dog! Paddle boarding with your dog is something that might seem intimidating. But if you've never seen a dog on a skateboard, surfboard, or paddle board, you ought to check it out. They have the ability to stay standing in the most extreme conditions you might encounter on a paddle board. It is pretty amazing to see them in action. Take a look at this video.

Pretty amazing right! Now we don't expect everyone to be able to surf like that dude, but we think that taking your dog on a paddle board journey of your own could be easy, and most importantly fun for you and your beloved dog.

Paddle boarding with your dog

It may be surprising, but every time I have seen a dog ride a paddle board, the sport seems to come very naturally to them. Most dogs know not to just jump off the board, and they have such good balance, that they never fall off ... before you do. But here is a step by step guide on paddle boarding with your dog.

  1. Place the board on the water near the dock or sand - make sure the board is floating freely
  2. Motion your dog to get on while holding the board steady
  3. Get on your board and stay on your knees until you both feel comfortable
  4. Have your dog stay on the front of the board while you paddle in the middle

A good tip is to stay on your knees for the first bit so you and your dog can get used to moving through the water together. Be aware that if you or your dog move, the other will feel the board move a lot. So be careful not to paddle too fast and be ready for your dog to make sudden moves. For a more detailed explanation, visit our older blog post here.

NIXY boards are best for the occasion

NIXY makes three types of boards but we recommend our Newport and Venice for paddle boarding with your dog. The Venice is our widest board and will offer the most stability. It also has a softer traction pad great for the feet and paws. The NIXY Newport inflatable stand up paddle board will also work well for this application. It offers solid stability and enjoyment no matter who's on the board. With our advanced technology, our inflatable paddle boards perform as well as a hard paddle board. The benefits of the inflatable easily outnumber the benefits of a hard board. Before inflatable stand up paddle boards there was no reasonable way for anyone who didn't live at the beach or lake to own and use a paddle board. Now, with the emergence of inflatables that perform like hard boards, everyone has the opportunity to own affordable, high quality paddle boards.


Paddle boarding with your dog is just one of the creative things you can do on a paddle board. From yoga to racing, there are still many activities that most people haven't tried on paddle boards. We'll always be the first to share the next cool thing to perform on an inflatable paddle board. The photo used for this blog post is from Rose Kuljerich. Her Shiba Inu looks so relaxed and is enjoying the smooth ride on the water. As you can see, her dog has a personal flotation device, never a bad idea to keep your dog safe with one. The board featured is our pink Venice iSUP.

Please share your photos and stories with us by calling us or sending an us email to We would love to share your experiences with the world!


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