Best All-Around Inflatable Paddleboard Comparison of 2018

The Best Inflatable Paddleboards of 2018!

"For us, this is certainly one of the best SUP boards we have ever ridden"

Inflatables Guide

Inflatables Guide has put together a comprehensive review of the best inflatable paddleboards of 2018. We are so happy to see that we are ranked so highly! We hope you check out the article to get a better understanding of what makes our boards unique and a great experience.

InflatableGuides Review

NIXY's Newport G2 is the star of the show in this article and outshines the competition in so many areas including durability, design, and versatility. We know that you'll love our new inflatable stand up paddle boards so take a look at the options we have HERE. We just recently received a full restock of all colors and board types including the Newport, Venice, and Manhattan models.   Another exciting product we have back in stock is our electric pump. Make your life easier by plugging it into your car at your water destination and pumping your board up to 15-20 PSI within 15 minutes! Shop HERE.


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