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NIXY Venice receives fantastic review

We are so excited to have a high quality review made by The video goes in depth into every aspect of our NIXY Venice iSUP and displays its amazing features and quality. Check out this video to get a ton of information about our NIXY Venice Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.

Highlights of our NIXY Venice iSUP

What a great review! Here are some highlights about our NIXY Venice iSUP from the video:

  • Soft traction pad much like a yoga mat
  • Wide board (34 inches) for extra balance
  • Advanced Fusion Technology
  • High quality backpack
  • Carrying shoulder strap

Our favorite part of our NIXY Venice iSUP package is our backpack and the Fusion Technology.

Five Star Backpack

We here at NIXY know that our customers appreciate not only a high quality board, but also very high quality accessories. And we think the most important accessory for your iSUP is its carrying case. NIXY's backpack is by far the BEST pack on the market. We have engineered our backpack using the highest quality materials and design. It is truly the best backpack sold with an inflatable SUP. Made with a tear-resistant fiber, your bag will unlikely need a repair. A huge new feature are the wheels on the bag. Most backpacks that have wheels will only have two wheels. This results in the bottom of the bag between the wheels getting scratched and damaged. With our three wheel design, this doesn't happen. Our bag will keep your iSUP rolling for years. We don't want you to be limited by your equipment. So firstly, NIXY produces every product with the highest quality materials and manufacturing. Secondly, we design every product with the idea that your inflatable stand up paddle board should be able to be taken anywhere in the world. If it's portable enough to fit in the back of your car, then it should be portable enough to be taken across the globe. Our backpack is made for any situation.

Advanced Fusion Technology

One of the biggest issues with a hard epoxy stand up paddle board is the size. What also comes with size is weight. One of the best parts of our Fusion Technology is that is has reduced the weight of our inflatable paddle boards significantly. The NIXY Venice iSUP weighs only 19lbs. So now, you can carry your board easily form your car to the beach. We also include a shoulder strap with the Venice to help you carry the wider board freeing up your hands to carry more gear. The Advanced Fusion Technology allows a user to pump up their board to 20 PSI. With that high pressure, the iSUP will easily hold up to 300lbs of weight. And you can ride with two people on the wide NIXY Venice iSUP, which can be a very fun activity.

Throughout our lineup

All of the features discussed in the video and above are consistent throughout all of our boards. NIXY does not compromise on materials or manufacturing no matter which board fits your needs. Our Newport iSUP is our "All Around" board made for all purposes and skill levels. And our Manhattan iSUP is our "Touring" board designed for the long journeys and more advanced paddle boarders.


Overall, we want to thank for such a high quality and in depth review of our NIXY Venice iSUP. We hope you enjoy their video and watch the whole thing. If you own a NIXY board already and want to leave a review, please either leave the review under the product which you own, or email us at and we'll be sure to post it for you.  

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