Monterey G5 Expedition Paddle Board - 11'6"

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Designed for taller paddlers and those seeking additional length, the NIXY Monterey G5 is your ideal companion for any expedition or fishing adventure. Crafted from high-quality PVC and boasting FusionTech construction, this board combines lightweight agility with robust durability. Most notably, our latest G5 series redefines excellence with innovative welded seams, ensuring superior durability and performance compared to traditional glued seams. Whether navigating serene lakes or embarking on challenging fishing trips, the Monterey G5 stands as a beacon of unmatched quality and reliability for every explorer.


Expected to ship by end of April
  Monterey Maui
  Monterey Exuma

Expected to ship by end of May
  Newport Ibiza
  Newport Tulum

  • Exuma
  • Maui
  • Ibiza
  • Tulum


  • Construction:
    Advanced Welded Seams, 
    Dual Layer FusionTech 
    Laminated Woven Drop Stitch
  • Dimension: 11’6″ (345 cm) x 34″ (86.40 cm) x 6″ (15.24 cm)
  • Volume: 370 L
  • Inflation: 15 PSI / 1 BAR
  • Board weight: ∼25 lbs. (10 kg) fin included
  • Capacity: Up to 400 lbs. (181 kg)
  • Non-slip soft stamped, grooved, and UV protected traction pad
  • 16x d-rings
  • 5x M8 action mounts
  • 3x grab handles
  • Dual cargo adjustable/removable bungee system
  • 1x 9″ tool-less removable US/FCS™ compatible center fin


NIXY Monterey G5 Expedition Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board - Tailored for Adventure and All Sizes

Dive into the unknown with the Monterey G5 Expedition Paddle Board, meticulously designed for the modern explorer. This latest iteration is our most versatile and robust board yet, catering to adventurers of all sizes, including taller and larger paddlers, without compromising on performance, safety, or durability.

Key Benefits:

  • Peak Safety and Durability: Featuring welded seams for unrivaled durability, this board is built to last through your most ambitious adventures. Its sturdy construction ensures safety and reliability, giving you the confidence to tackle any water.
  • Designed for All: With a design that accommodates taller and larger individuals, the Monterey G5 ensures everyone can experience the thrill of paddleboarding with optimum comfort and stability.
  • Adaptable for Every Adventure: Masterfully engineered for stability and maneuverability, the Monterey G5 excels in a variety of water conditions, making every destination accessible.
  • Streamlined for Exploration: While we’ve moved beyond the dual chamber for a sleeker design, this board still carries all your essential gear with ease, supported by multiple attachment points for your adventurous needs.
  • Expedition-Grade Portability: Despite its robust features, the Monterey G5 remains remarkably lightweight and portable, equipped for quick setups and seamless transitions from land to water.

Embark on Unparalleled Journeys:

The NIXY Monterey G5 is not just a paddle board; it's a call to adventure for paddlers of all sizes. Its superior design marries safety and durability, ensuring that your explorations are both secure and boundless. Whether it's a serene float, a fishing expedition, or a multi-day journey, the Monterey G5 is your steadfast companion, ready to carry you and your gear with unmatched stability and ease.


With welded seams, dual high quality PVC fused layers, and superior woven drop stitch, the G5 series redefines industry standards. Designed for those who prioritize quality, reliability, and safety, each board promises unparalleled performance and durability.


  1. Welded Seams & Dual Layer Fusion Construction
    Ensures safety, light weight, and durability. 

  2. Woven Drop Stitch
    Ideal for durable, stiff, lightweight boards with a smooth finish.

  3. Small Quantities Digitally Printed Designs
    Quality printing, featuring limited edition prints for exclusive and distinctive designs.

  4. Elegant Deck with UV-Protected Soft Pad
    Offers comfort and durability.

  5. Multiple Mounting Points and D-Rings
    Enhances functionality, allowing for attachments like kayak seats, coolers, camaras, phones, fishing rods, and more.

  6. Adjustable and Removable Bungee Systems
    For versatile cargo carrying.

  7. Single Tool Less US Universal Fin Box
    Compatible with the most popular fins and electric motors on the market.

  8. Coast Guard Hull ID
    Each board includes a unique ID for USCG registration that is essential for adding electric motors.

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