Paddle Board Center Fin Flexible 9-inch

$39.00 USD
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Upgrade your paddle board with our 9-inch flexible center fin for superior stability and smooth tracking. Ideal for all water conditions, its flexibility enhances maneuverability for effortless turns. Perfect for every paddler seeking an improved and confident ride.


  • Size: 9 inches
  • Board Location: Center
  • Material: Flexible composite
  • Standing paddle board center fin
  • Flexible composite material
  • Will bend on contact with solid objects
  • Universal FCS - Fits all standard US fin boxes
  • Easy installation - no screwdriver needed
  • Compatible with all NIXY center fin boxes

The Flexible Paddle Board Center Fin is perfect for stability and easy turns on the water. It's both flexible and tough, lasting through many outings. In addition, installation is easy with no tools required. The fin is ready right out of the box. Improves tracking to keep a straight line on the water. Satisfaction guaranteed with our NIXY no hassle return policy. 

Tracking is crucial in stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) for efficiency and stability. It helps paddlers maintain a straight course with less effort, conserving energy. Additionally, improved tracking ensures better control, especially in windy or choppy conditions, reducing the risk of veering off course. Moreover, this enhances the overall paddling experience, allowing enthusiasts to focus on enjoying the scenery. 

Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) offers a fantastic full-body workout, engaging muscles and promoting strength, balance, and core stability. It's low-impact, suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Paddlers can connect with nature, exploring serene waterways and coastlines, immersing themselves in beautiful surroundings. With its versatility, from cruising to yoga, it caters to various preferences, ensuring enjoyment for all.

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