Flex Paddle Board Center Fin 4.6"

$39.00 USD
Elevate your paddle boarding with the NIXY 4.6" flex center fin, designed for enhanced maneuverability and smooth gliding. Its compact size is great for shallow waters, reducing the risk of snagging.
  • Yellow
  • Black


  • Size: 4.6 inches
  • Board Location: Center
  • Material: Flexible composite

Flex Paddle Board Center Fin 4.6"

  • Flexible composite material
  • Will bend on contact with solid objects
  • Universal FCS - Fits all standard US fin boxes
  • Easy installation - no screwdriver needed
  • Compatible with all NIXY center fin box

Ideal for bodies of water that are shallow and have lower volume. Importantly, shorter fins yield looser boards, allowing for easier turns but more effort is needed to maintain directional stability while paddling. In contrast, a stiff fin will increase stability.

Picking the right fin depends on the environment in which you plan on stand-up paddle boarding. The reduced depth ensures the fin avoids contact with the riverbed, preventing potential damage. Additionally, Flex Paddle Board Center Fin 4.6 ft facilitates easier maneuverability, crucial for navigating the sometimes tight and unpredictable twists and turns of river currents. Thus, a short fin enables paddleboarders to navigate shallow rivers safely and efficiently.

Choosing a lake offers paddleboarders serene waters and expansive horizons. Unlike oceans, lakes typically have calmer conditions, providing a more stable and predictable environment for paddling. Additionally, lakes often boast stunning natural scenery, creating a tranquil backdrop for your adventure. With fewer waves and currents to contend with, paddleboarders can enjoy a more relaxed and gentle experience on the water.

Two colorways are available. Buy a yellow or black Flex Paddle Board Center Fin 4.6" today!

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