Which Inflatable SUP is Best for YOU?

Which Inflatable SUP is Best for You?

Wondering which paddle board is best for you? Whether you are looking to paddle for the first time or experienced and wanting to invest in one, we have your back. You may have read reviews from our customers or inflatable SUP connoisseurs but that might not be enough. We’ll give you a simple and easy breakdown for each of our boards to help you better decide.  

 NIXY Newport G2 10.6 All Around

The title says it all, the NIXY Newport G2 is the ultimate all around inflatable SUP. It is sure to be everything you want and need as an active paddle boarder.

What type of person would be interested in this board?

This board is perfect for a beginner to intermediate paddlers. For the beginners, it is extremely stable with the iSUP being 33” wide. It has the soft diamond patterned deck pad for comfortability and traction. As for the intermediate users, this inflatable paddle board carries speed and glides well. Sturdy and rigid enough to hold up to 350 lbs. you’ll be able to bring along another person or pet. If you plan on paddle boarding often and need everything in one board, this is it.  

NIXY Venice G2 Yoga and Beginner

The Venice G2 Yoga and Beginner inflatable SUP is made to cater those wanting to do more on an inflatable SUP than just paddling.

What type of person would be interested in this board?

As you can see from the name of the board this is meant for Yogi’s and Beginners alike. Well, with this board being 34” wide it provides even more stability than the Newport G2. For anyone who wants to challenge themselves with their yoga practice, this iSUP is it. The Venice G2 is wider at the end and has nice soft deck for those yoga poses. With ample space, transitioning to the next pose is a lot easier on this board. This is also great for beginners who struggle with balance. Paddling boarding with the Venice G2 will give you more confidence out in the water. Also, we call this board the “Family iSUP’. You can fit more people so bring your child, your partner or your dog! This inflatable sup holds up to 400 lbs. You really can’t go wrong with the Venice G2.  

NIXY Manhattan G2 Touring

Sleek and pristine with incredible rigidity comes the NIXY Manhattan G2 Touring inflatable SUP.

What type of person would be interested in this board?

The Manhattan G2 Touring are for intermediate to advance paddle boarders designed for touring and long-distance paddling. The dimensions are 12’6” X 30” X 6” which makes this board longer and narrower than our other inflatable SUP. With this iSUP, you’ll attain maximum speed over flat water and an easier ride in choppier conditions. For those who want to advance your paddling experience, this is the board for you. It is available in two colors, blue and red, making decisions a little easier.  


Although, for some of you this may be enough, others you may need more. You can learn more and better understand our boards from a few inflatable SUP reviewers we have had by clicking here.   Please feel free to leave any questions or comments as we appreciate any and all feedback. You can also follow us on social media via Facebook and Instagram.


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