Travel for a Healthy Life

Want to work towards being healthier? Travel!

Travel for a healthy life and your own well being. When was the last time you took your inflatable SUP and explored new waters? It may not seem important but we're about to tell you why it may be a priority. Studies have shown that traveling the world isn't only fun and exciting but that it's highly beneficial. How; you ask. Ample research suggests that it's good for your physical, mental, and emotional health as well.

Why Most People Don't Travel

If you've guessed money, you are right! About 71% of Americans say it's too expensive to leave the country compared to the Europeans. For instance, the average resident of the UK has visited 10 countries, Germans have been to at least 8, and the French around 5. What about the Americans? Well, the Americans tend to travel to just 3. In fact, statistics show that 29% of American adults have never been abroad. It's obvious Europe has many neighboring countries which makes it easier to visit other countries but don't let that stop you.

We understand that traveling can be expensive. However, with so many websites that offer great deals nowadays it'll be easier to travel! So why not travel for a healthy life?

Benefits to Consider

1. It helps keep you healthy

People who take vacations at least twice a year and exercise outdoors show a lower risk of heart attacks compared to those that travel every six years or so. Why not take advantage of your inflatable SUP and travel as well as getting some exercise?

2. Travel relieves stress

Vacations in other countries are guaranteed to boost your mood! It has been proven that traveling lowers stress levels dramatically. You will feel the effects even after 3 days back from your trip as reports show people feel less anxious, well rested and in better moods.

3. It enhances your ability adapt

New experiences increase both the cognitive flexibility and depth of thought. It creates an engaging feeling with different cultures and circumstances which makes you more able to adapt, improvise and overall be more creative.

When traveling with your inflatable SUP you should learn the rules and laws of every new place you visit. Find out where locals paddle or partake in water sports. By doing so, you might form new friendships/relationships that didn't seem likely at first.

4. Visiting other places improves happiness

Naturally, people tend to feel happy and a sense of satisfaction by planning a trip. The build up of happiness on taking a vacation is far greater than any material object. This is why others say that life is about experiences and not what you have.

What are you waiting for? Get your bags and iSUP packed and take that trip!

5. Traveling lowers the risk of depression

Work and other daily challenges can take a big toll on your physical and emotional state. Depression on today's society is a major problem and millions of Americans struggle with it. Luckily, traveling and physical activities outdoors help improve general wellness. Those who travel and exercise are less likely to suffer from depression or chronic stress than those who do it a lot less.

There are many reasons a person might be depressed but a sure way to help is to explore new places.

NIXY is about the life you lead and the meaning behind it. Grab your NIXY Inflatable Paddle Board and start your travel for a healthy life!

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