Beginner Paddle Boarding Tips and Guide

Simple Tips to Beginner Paddle Boarding

Like anything new you try out in life there are sure to be a lot of emotions. What were your thoughts and feelings when you first tried paddle boarding? Did you hesitate? Were you excited? Did you think about how you would get to a standing position on the board? How to fall gracefully into the water and get back onto your iSUP? Well, we've come up with a basic straightforward beginner paddle boarding tips and guide article for you to paddle with assurance.

Where to start?

You may have searched for a great beginner board already but if you haven't, check out our Venice board. Once you have your board ready you'll want to find a place with open calm waters. For a beginner, it is a good idea to check the weather to be sure the winds won't make it hard on you. Be sure to look over your equipment that way you'll be ready to start paddling. One very important thing you will need to overcome is the fear of falling in. Falling into the water has happened to the best of us but it doesn't stop us from getting back on our paddle board and trekking on. Put on that lifevest, attach that leash and be fearless! Follow these next few steps and you'll be paddle boarding on the SUP in no time!  

Beginner Paddle Boarding Steps:

  1. Stepping onto your board is really more like crawling onto your board. We want to connect as much of our body as we can with the SUP to feel safe. So, we crawl onto it with our hands and knees before we get that confidence we need to stand on our feet. Gently begin to push yourself away when you are ready to take off.
  2. With the paddle in hand you will want to place one hand on the T-grip and the other shoulder distance apart. This will give you a good range of motion.
  3. Slowly coming off your hands and onto your knees paddle out to the open waters freely.
  4. Once you feel ready to stand, place your hands with the paddle on the board in front of you in a table top position. Leaning your weight slightly forward and keeping your knees bent come onto one foot then the other. Your feet should be hip-width distance apart in the center of the board. Steadily raise your hips and hands using your core while applying weight on the ball of your feet for balance. Try not to lock out your knees, look forward and gaze out into the horizon in order to maintain your balance. Voilà! You are now standing on your SUP and feeling like a million bucks!
  5. Now that you are standing upright on the board you can learn how to paddle with your body. As you know, paddle boarding is a full body workout. Use your core and twist from your torso as you paddle to relieve your upper body from all the work. Keep your weight on the ball of your feet instead of the heels so you don't tip over.
  6. Try to keep your paddle closer to the edge of the SUP making vertical strokes while paddling for ease.
  7. Relax a little, have fun and keep paddling!

Once you get a hang of this, beginner paddle boarding no more! So grab your iSUP, get out there and paddle happily and freely. For more detailed information you can read our Ultimate Beginner's Guide or Get Healthy U's guide to beginner paddle boarding.    


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