NIXY Navigation Lights

NIXY Navigation Lights - NIXY Sports
NIXY Navigation Lights - NIXY Sports
NIXY Navigation Lights - NIXY Sports
NIXY Navigation Lights
NIXY Navigation Lights - NIXY Sports
NIXY Navigation Lights - NIXY Sports
NIXY Navigation Lights - NIXY Sports
NIXY Navigation Lights - NIXY Sports

NIXY Navigation Lights

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› Super Bright 3 Color Lights in Red, Green, and White
› IPX4 Waterproof
› Lumens 80
› Battery: 650mAh Lithium
› USB Rechargeable
› Light Modes and approximate duration time:
› Full Brightness - 3.5hrs
› Half Brightness – 10hrs
› Slow Flashing – 10hrs
› Fast Flashing – 10hrs

Package Includes
3x Color Lights. White, Red, and Green
3x USB cables
3x Silicone mounting Strap

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  • Bright Lights in Red, Green, and White
  • Easy to Install 
  • USB Rechargeable
  • 4  Different Modes

NIXY Rechargeable Marine Navigation Lights in Red, Green, and White for SUP, Kayak, Dinghy, and More ...

Nothing beats a day or night on the water. Navigation lights help to ensure visibility to other boats when you are underway or anchored at night. Watching the sunset over the water from your paddleboard or kayak is a great way to relax, until you realize you must paddle back in the dark while being practically invisible to other boats. NIXY portable navigation light kit for Paddleboard, Inflatable Boats, Kayaks and Canoes assure visibility while you enjoy the water after dark. NIXY lights are easily installed.

Navigation Lights
Navigation Lights
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Great for SUP use when staying out late.

I go out on the bay with my SUP and occasionally want to stay late. I don't have lights so I really don't want to be out in the dark but these are good for those cases where that might happen. I love that these are easy to attach and use. They are very bright and instantly turn anything into a properly lit vessel. These won't stand up to a boarding inspection by BMR but on a paddle board I'm not too worried about it.


Good for emergency prep in case I'm caught out

I'm a daytime boater. I really don't have a need to have lights for the most part.

We have several inflatable SUPs in the family now and they of course don't have lights permanently attached. I'm a "what if" kind of persons so I got to thinking about what would happen if I somehow ended up on the water after sunset. Maybe I paddled too far out and found myself fighting a head wind coming back or something. What if a fog rolled in before I could get back to shore? What I'd really hate is to be caught out there without any lights to help other boaters (larger power boats) see me.

That is why I wanted lights like this!

Now, technically they don't say "USCG approved" on them anywhere on the light or packaging. To be completely up to code they should have on the light or packaging "USCG Approval 33 CFR 183.810". But I am absolutely certain they would meet the visibility requirements, and probably exceed them on the "high" setting by a lot. That is good enough for me! These are going to be charged once a month and spend most or all of their life in a dry box as a "just in case". In that emergency sort of situation what really matters to me is staying alive and healthy.

The lights are very easy to use and attach. They store small so a little waterproof box keeps them safe. They are easy to charge and easy to carry.

All in all these are worth having all day long as emergency "caught out" lights.


Exactly what I was looking for

These are just the ticket for my kayak. Sometimes I get back after dark, and being run over by a motorboat is always a real concern. I've jurry rigged running lights in the past, but these lights are tailor made for the purpose.
The set includes a port, starboard, and aft light in the correct colors. They are *very* bright on the highest setting. I actually use them on low. They also have a couple of flashing modes, but they make you look like a buoy - I don't need anybody aiming at me.
There are several ways to attach them to the boat, including a built-in clip on the back, and rubber rigs that can wrap around static lines. bungees, cleats, or other mounting points.
Their only weak point is they are not really water proof, just water resistant. They are not sealed around the micro USB charging port, or the on/off switch. Drop them in the drink, roll the boat, or have a wave wash over the deck, and you could have a problem. I'm in salt water, but I've not done any of those things so far, so I'm not sure what would happen.
They come with three USB A to micro charging cables to use with your own charger.
These now live in the dry box that goes in the boat when I do.


Lights work well, very much as advertised

These Nixy navigation lights are basically a set of 3 nice, small, solid, stubby LED flashlghts, wholly separate from each other, each with 4 display modes (bright, dim, and 2 flashing patterns). Nothing real fancy, but nicely suitable and sufficient for add-on navigation lights for a small boat. Very much as advertised.

I myself am using these nav. lights, not for a kayak, but for a foot-powered plastic pedal boat. A kayak generally has lots of available attachment points for attaching gear, but a pedal boat has virtually none; kind of a weakness there in the pedal boat design, but oh well, there it is. So I�m having to improvise, thinking to use some inexpensive adhesive grommet tabs - actually made mainly for providing grommet attachment points along the edges of a plastic tarp; gonna� try sticking those grommet tabs on my boat hull and hanging these nav. lights from those grommet tabs. Or else maybe some Flex Tape (�as seen on TV!�) to attach some kind of fastener to the boat hull. We�ll see how well all that goes. But this attachment challenge is not that of these lights, they themselves have reasonably good attachment points.

These lights charge up, from fully discharged to fully charged, using a regular USB power adapter, in times ranging from 2-1/2 hours to just under 5 hours. I don�t know why the wide variation.

Per my test, running from one full charge, at high/full light level (steady, not blinking), these lights run for 186 minutes, a few minutes beyond 3 hours. That�s plenty consistent with the seller�s estimate of 2-4 hours. Or on low, they run for somewhere beyond 12 hours - by which time I got bored and stopped watching closely. (I�m reminded of the James Cromwell line from the movie Babe: That�ll do, pig, that�ll do!)

Interestingly, these lights operate at fairly steady/constant light output, i.e. don�t hardly get dimmer as the battery runs down, but instead eventually just turn themselves off suddenly, presumably just before the batteries are run down so far that they could be damaged. That seems good to me.

I estimate the light output of each of these lights, on full/high, to be in the range of 100-125 lumens. (For reference, this is about 1/4 the light output of a regular old 40-watt incandescent light bulb.) These don�t appear to specify their rated output, but I see that some similar nav. lights do so specify, both battery self-powered and wired, and all typically right in this same output range, so I suppose these must be good for the job at this light level.

Nice lights, well done, all as advertised. Wonderfully illuminating! 5 stars.


Great for boats... and landlocked boaters!

Lights are well constructed and sharp looking. Lets folks in our golf cart community know that we are boaters through and through!