ecomposer-blade size-88-standard
ecomposer-blade size-88-standard
ecomposer-blade size-88-standard
ecomposer-blade size-94-large
ecomposer-blade size-94-large
ecomposer-blade size-94-large

NIXY 3-Piece Adjustable 100% 12K Carbon Fiber SUP Pro Paddle

$210.00 USD
$229.00 USD
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Crafted entirely from 100% 12K carbon fiber, it delivers powerful strokes while reducing fatigue. Ideal for paddlers between 140 lbs. and 190 lbs. Reduce the risk of shoulder injuries due to the lightweight carbon fiber build and adjustability. Improves efficiency and paddling technique.
Blade Size
  • 88 Standard
  • 94 Large


  • Ideal for Paddlers between 140 lb and 190 lb
  • Shaft and Blade: 100% 12K Carbon Fiber
  • Secure: locking anti-twist adjustable clamp system
  • Durable: blade with ABS Edge reinforcement
  • Dimensions: 175 cm - 215 cm
  • Shaft Diameter: 28.5 mm
  • Blade Shape: Di-hedra 
  • Blade Size: 7.2 in
  • Blade Angle: 9 deg
  • Blade Area: 88 sq in
  • Weight: 21 oz / 595 gm

Premium 3-Piece 100% 12K Carbon Fiber Paddle

Experience the ultimate in performance and style with our fully adjustable carbon fiber paddle. Crafted from lightweight and strong carbon fiber, this paddle offers a responsive feel on the water and enhances your technique. Additionally, it adjusts to fit your height and paddling style, making it the perfect choice for serious paddlers. Moreover, shop now and enjoy the numerous benefits of our full-carbon fiber paddle.

  • Full-Carbon Fiber Paddle Constructed entirely from carbon fiber, this paddle is not only perfect but also ideal for any avid paddleboarder. Furthermore, you'll feel a noticeable difference in weight, durability, and strength with this lightweight performance paddle.
  • Easily Adjustable With Anti-Twist System This adjustable carbon fiber paddle can be assembled and adjusted from 175 cm to 215 cm. Moreover, we secure the shaft with a premium latch lock to ensure there is no movement during your paddling session. Furthermore, adjusting the paddle to suit your needs is as simple as can be.
  • Super Light and Portable Weighing only 21 oz (595 gm), this paddle allows you to paddle longer, further, and with less effort. Additionally, it is easy to assemble and disassemble, making this paddle excellent for taking on any water adventure. It also comes with a premium 37.5-inch paddle bag for safe storage.
  • Blades & Finishes Constructed with 100% carbon fiber and reinforced with ABS edges, the blade area measures 88 sq in. This carbon fiber paddle boasts a flawless finish of 12K, ideal for stronger paddlers seeking powerful movement and strong strokes. It is best suited for paddlers weighing between 140 lbs. and 190 lbs.
  • Warranty We strive to deliver the highest-quality products, which is why we offer an extensive warranty. For all NIXY accessories, a one-year warranty covers any issues beyond normal wear and tear.
The blade size will allow for easier, more frequent strokes. This blade is designed to put less pressure on the shoulders so you can have a more comfortable paddling experience.
The angle allows the paddler to use minimal energy when initiating a stroke while facilitating better control and provides less drag and more speed.
The rib down the center of the blade helps to shed water evenly to both sides, preventing imbalance and fluttering on the paddle.
The 88″ blade with the 1.12″ (28.5 mm) diameter shaft is intended for someone with medium sized hands, between 140 and 190 lbs. and between 5′1″ and 6′4″. Best for a paddler looking for a mix of cadence and power!
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