Venice G5 Cruiser / Yoga Paddle Board - 10'6"

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Designed with beginners and stability-seekers in mind, the NIXY Venice G5 offers an oasis of calm and balance for water-based fitness and yoga enthusiasts. This paddle board invites you to reconnect with nature, serving as a floating mat where you can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression amidst the tranquility of the water. Standing out in our new G5 series, the Venice is constructed with high-quality PVC and innovative welded seams, setting a new standard for durability and performance. These advancements ensure the Venice G5 exceeds traditional models in longevity and reliability, making it your perfect partner for serene yoga flows and dynamic workouts on water.


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  • Construction:
    Advanced Welded Seams, 
    Dual Layer FusionTech 
    Laminated Woven Drop Stitch
  • Dimension: 10’6″ (320 cm) x 34″ (86.40 cm) x 6″ (15.24 cm)
  • Volume: 350 L
  • Inflation: 15 PSI / 1 BAR
  • Board weight: ∼23 lbs. (10.43 kg) fin included
  • Capacity: Up to 400 lbs. (160 kg)
  • Track Pad Dimensions: 8'8" (264 cm) x 2'4" (71 cm)
  • Non-slip soft stamped, grooved, and UV protected traction pad
  • 16x d-rings
  • 5x M8 action mounts
  • 3x grab handles
  • Dual cargo adjustable/removable bungee system
  • 1x 9″ tool-less removable US/FCS™ compatible center fin

NIXY Venice Yoga / Cruiser  Paddle Board - Serenity Meets Stability

Discover tranquility and balance on the water with the Venice Yoga / Cruiser Paddle Board. Crafted for those who seek a peaceful paddle, meditative yoga sessions, and additional stability for every journey, the Venice model combines safety, comfort, and durability in a design that invites you to relax and explore with confidence.

Key Benefits:

  • Peak Safety and Durability: The Venice model ensures your safety and the board's longevity with its welded seams, offering unparalleled durability and a reliable paddling experience on every voyage.
  • Yoga-Friendly Design: With an expansive traction pad, the Venice provides a stable and spacious platform for yoga, meditation, or simply soaking in the serene surroundings, making it the ideal choice for wellness enthusiasts.
  • Unmatched Stability: Engineered for supreme stability, the Venice accommodates yoga practitioners, cruisers, and those wishing to paddle with a companion or pet, offering a smooth and steady ride.
  • Lightweight & Travel-Friendly: Despite its robust construction, the Venice remains impressively lightweight at only 23 lbs, ensuring easy transport and accessibility for all your adventures.
  • Effortless Setup & Storage: Experience the convenience of quick setup and takedown, allowing you more time to enjoy the water and less time preparing.

Embrace Waterborne Wellness:

The NIXY Venice Cruiser / Yoga Paddle Board is your floating sanctuary. Whether you're gliding through calm waters, engaging in a sun salutation at dawn, or cruising with a furry friend, the Venice offers a harmonious blend of stability and serenity. It’s designed not just for the seasoned yogi but for anyone seeking a moment of peace or an extra layer of stability underfoot.


With welded seams, dual high quality PVC fused layers, and superior woven drop stitch, the G5 series redefines industry standards. Designed for those who prioritize quality, reliability, and safety, each board promises unparalleled performance and durability.


  1. Welded Seams & Dual Layer Fusion Construction
    Ensures safety, light weight, and durability. 

  2. Woven Drop Stitch
    Ideal for durable, stiff, lightweight boards with a smooth finish.

  3. Small Quantities Digitally Printed Designs
    Quality printing, featuring limited edition prints for exclusive and distinctive designs.

  4. Elegant Deck with UV-Protected Soft Pad
    Offers comfort and durability.

  5. Multiple Mounting Points and D-Rings
    Enhances functionality, allowing for attachments like kayak seats, coolers, camaras, phones, fishing rods, and more.

  6. Adjustable and Removable Bungee Systems
    For versatile cargo carrying.

  7. Single Tool Less US Universal Fin Box
    Compatible with the most popular fins and electric motors on the market.

  8. Coast Guard Hull ID
    Each board includes a unique ID for USCG registration that is essential for adding electric motors.

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