Yoga on an Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board?

Why trying Yoga on an Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board ?

Just Imagine yourself, floating on top of the water on your Yoga Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. Surrounded by nature while doing a great workout. Sounds great, right? This outdoor activity will charge you up with positive energy and in addition, fill you up with a great sense of fulfillment!

Why Yoga on an Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is good for you?

It is a great workout! Having to balance on an unstable platform rather than a rigid surface, it gives your core a challenge. It's not easy to balance your body and mind at the same time. As a final result, you get a great workout! It is soothing! The feeling of floating helps to alleviate that imaginary heavy weight that we, as adults have over our shoulders. Because of this, you will find yourself with an improved sense of perspective after your Yoga SUP practice. Your technique will improve! Keeping your balance is always a challenge. In order to achieve a successful Yoga pose on top of your iSUP board, you'll have to focus on the little balancing details. Because of this, you will bring your practice into a new level. Your breathing will improve! The gentle sound of water lapping during your time on an Yoga Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board will instantly help you relax. Because of this, you can concentrate better on your “Ujjayi Pranayama” also known as “Ocean Breath”. Makes you feel strong! Walking on water becomes a reality and because you're trying to stay on top of your board without falling, it brings focus on yourself and your poses. When you finally let your fears go, you will end up feeling rejuvenated and empowered. It gives you a happy adrenaline rush! Mixing up workouts reduce boredom and injuries as well. First of all, the very thought of falling into the water, gives you enough adrenaline to keep you focused. In addition, you will stay motivated and with a happy overall feeling as a result. It gives you mental strength! When someone falls in the water during an iSUP practice, is forced to climb back up on the board and try again. Consequently, by conquering the fear of falling, the easier his practice will get, and the stronger he'll be. It brings you harmony! Soaking up vitamin D, enjoying fresh air while being surrounded by nature,breathing in and out while working out. The final result? Feeling great! Life must be lived like this... In perfect harmony! Our Venice Yoga Inflatable Paddle Board has the perfect shape for all the Yogis out there. This board is stable, easy to maneuver and very comfortable. Easy to inflate/deflate, you can take it anywhere. It works great for individuals up to 400 pounds. It has been named the best Yoga Inflatable Paddle Board on the market for two years in a row. Check it out in our Venice


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