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What NIXY stands for

Our vision here at NIXY is to design and manufacture the best and most enjoyable inflatable stand up paddle board on the market. We pay attention to every small detail because we want our products to impress. A consistent, linear design that continues through each and every product makes NIXY a brand to be seen and noticed. However, design is just the beginning. Our manufacturing process leads to highly professional products. We use the most advanced technology available for our paddle boards which makes our boards the best on the market. The advanced Fusion Technology used in our inflatable stand up paddle boards decreases the amount of PVC layers and strengthens the seams. What does this do for user experience? First of all, it lowers the weight significantly. Now, just over 17 lbs., our Newport board is lighter than any other 10'6" board out there. Secondly, it increases the strength of the seams, meaning that you can fill our new 2018 model G2 paddle boards with up to a pressure of 20 PSI. Not only do the best materials and manufacturing techniques give a better user experience, but they allow our products stand the test of time. We know that you want to invest in a product that will last a while. Most companies offer only a 1 year warranty, but we are confident enough to offer twice that. Two years of warranty covers any mistake in the manufacturing of your product. And a 30 day money back guarantee that you are satisfied with your product. All the things that make NIXY unique are what we chose to improve on. We focus on every small detail and make sure our customers are satisfied with their product. There is no compromise for consistent and excellent service. When you purchase from NIXY, you become our client and any concern you have becomes our concern.

Your opinions are everything

When you leave a review about any of our inflatable paddle boards, we pay attention to what you say. Positive reviews are amazing and they excite us aboutthe future of NIXY. Negative reviews, of which there aren't many, give us the feedback we need to become a stronger, more unique company. We are here to make the most enjoyable inflatable stand up paddle board on the market and we can only do that by pleasing every customer we have.

We want to hear what you have to say! Please write us an email, call us, or leave a review on our products to tell us how we are doing. We would love to share with the world what you have to say.

The picture for this post was taken by our own customer, the Beermans. A beautiful sunrise in South Florida really shows the amazing sights you could see with a new NIXY iSUP. I would say they think our board is the most enjoyable inflatable stand up paddle board!


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