Nixy Newport G2 10’6” Inflatable SUP Review by Inflatables Guide

Yet another phenomenal review?? has written an incredibly in depth review of our Newport G2 inflatable stand up paddleboard. Go read the full review HERE. If you want to learn more about our Newport G2, then look no further. Inflatable Guides discusses our board's high build quality, performance, and all of its other amazing features. Concluding with a final score of 9.3/10, they say this is "one of the best boards [they've] tested in this price range". Shop for our Newport G2 models and our other boards and accessories on our product page. Or give us a call to place your order today! Here is a highlight from the review:

Newport G2 PROS

  • We are a huge fan of color, and the Nixy Newport G2 has plenty of classy colorways to choose from
  • The option of adding a kayak seat
  • Simple uncluttered deck
  • The travel bag is really high quality and the perfect companion
  • Complete package ready to paddle
  • Bravo pump is very efficient and easy to use
  • Super stiff and rigid board due to its fusion technology"So between us and you, we will let you into a little secret. If you want a board that will outperform every other board in its category and still able to take on the big boys, the Nixy Newport G2 iSUP is just for you."

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