Get a Powerful Stroke on your Inflatable Paddle Board

NIXY Inflatable Paddle Board are designed to perform great under any water surface. Lots of beginner paddlers believe that it’s only the size and board design what affects the speed and performance of it on the water, when in reality, a POWERFUL stroke is key to reach the highest performance of your iSUP.

1-) CATCH: Relates to the beginning of the stroke when the blade first enters the water. Make sure to get the blade deep into the water before pulling and extend out to a comfortable reach without trying to over reach.

2-) POWER: Relates to the driving of the board forward past the submerged paddle blade. Make sure you are driving yourself past the paddle blade, not pulling the blad through the water, using your upper body and shoulder rotation for power and your arms as extensions from the shoulders. Remember that your body is much more powerful than your arms. Try to keep your top hand over your bottom hand during the pull so this will allow more strokes per side. The paddle is most efficient when it’s vertical (like the beginning of the stroke). The POWER phase should finish at your feet (if standing) or at your hip (if sitting). Remember that if you pull back too far, you will only cause more deceleration between strokes.

3-) EXIT: Relates to the end of the stroke, when the blade is released from the water. The best way to do it, is to take the paddle out at your feet, without pulling beyond your feet as this will allow you to start your next stroke sooner and the board will not loose too much speed between strokes.

When exiting your paddle from the water, make sure to do it with your top hand downward and not by lifting your lower hand up. This is an easier and more relaxing way to get the blade out of the water fast and clean.

4-) RECOVERY: Relates to the return of the blade back beginning of the stroke. The best way to do it? Point your thumb forward on the recovery to allow the blade to “feather” on the return. This will allow the blade to be in the most aerodynamic position on the recovery. This is very useful specially when paddling into the wind.

Remember to relax your shoulders so you can give your body a relaxed feeling between strokes. Do not rush, the smoothest recoveries ad more power to the next stroke!

Remember that all this exercises are mastered with practice and repetition. It is all about creating the muscle memory. Have fun with your NIXY inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board and take your time to learn all this little tricks. They will improve your performance and you will have a more effective workout!

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