Wakesurf with an iSUP in 4 Easy Steps


Would you have imagined it possible to wakesurf on an inflatable SUP? It sounds crazy....but it's the crazy fun kind! The best part about it is that anyone can do it with no limit to age or specific skill to enjoy this lively activity! Want to try it yourself but don't know where to start? Don't fret, we have created a simple step by step guide to show you just how. Read the steps and watch our video below and you'll be wake surfing in no time!  


  • LIFE VEST: It is important to have the right life jacket for the right activity. Life vests are mandatory when paddleboarding, skiing and wakesurfing like most water activities. For water skiing and wakesurfing make sure you have a good quality “Type 3” USCG approved life jacket. Being safe is the number one priority and guarantees to extend the amount of fun you are having!
  • ORANGE WATER SKI FLAG: Make sure it is visible from afar to notify other boaters of your presence.
  • A NIXY HYBRID LEASH: The ideal leash to wakesurf is a coiled/straight hybrid leash that will provided comfort and safety. One end of the leash attaches to your ankle and the other to the D-Ring located on the tail of your board. This is to ensure the board will stay at close range if you fall off the paddleboard. If you are in the water try your best to get back on the paddleboard while you wait for the boat to come around.
  • INFLATABLE STAND UP PADDLEBOARD: We're hoping you're using one of our NIXY paddleboards for this adventure but if not, any iSUP should do the trick! Who would have thought that an inflatable SUP could be used in so many different activities? Now that you have everything you need, let's get the party started!



Here are the easy steps promised to start wakesurfing. First and foremost, be careful with the inflatable paddleboard. Remember it is an inflatable SUP and to never drag it behind the boat like you would with a river water float. Having the board connected to the boat while moving will cause the D-rings to tear. This will then in turn damage the board which may not be repairable We recommend inflating your iSUP on the back of the boat. If you would like to avoid inflating the board manually, you can use an electric pump to make the process easier. Otherwise, you can turn it into a game or have some plain old fun taking turns pumping until you reach 16 PSI.


Turn off the boat, place your iSUP on the water and take a hold of the ski rope in hand as you jump in. Next, climb onto your board towards the center back. Keep in mind the rope should not be attached to the board. The ideal position to start is on your knees a little behind the center. (You can use the middle grab handle to gauge your position)


Turn on the boat and very slowly start moving it forward until it creates tension and a straight line between the two vessels. Ready to move along? Shout a loud GO to your captain for take off! (“Yeehaw” or “LETS DO THIS!” works just the same) Have the boat gradually speed up while you find stability on the board. Staying on the knees all while finding the stability in tension, begin to move the board towards either side of the wake.


Once you are over the wake, pull the rope and move ahead of it. This is where you’ll start standing up carefully without losing tension on the rope. Begin by raising one knee then the other. Use your free hand to support you as you get on your feet.


YOU ARE ALMOST THERE! Standing up? GREAT! Now, keep the tension on the rope until you feel that you are in the pocket behind the boat and in front of the wake persistently. At this point, you should be gliding with ease. This is it! Let the rope go and enjoy the ride! YOU ARE SURFING THE WAKE! How cool is this feeling? Remember that it takes practice and falling is all part of the fun! At the end of it all, smiles from ear to ear are warranted and although it may be exhausting, feeling of accomplishment arises. Doesn't sound so crazy to wakesurf on an iSUP now does it? Try it out and let us know your experience!  




We love following our NIXY family’s paddling adventures. Please share your photos and stories with us at chat@nixysports.com. We would love to share your experiences with the world!


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