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This week we get a glimpse of not a single person’s adventures on an iSUP, but an entire family! Aaron, Tracy, Colby and Stella St Pierre take us through on what it’s like to choose the right board as well as how to have fun on a paddle board. While the St. Pierre’s are actively enjoying a new water sport, they are also building a strong bond with one another and creating new memories to be cherished. Reading through their interview with NIXY, we might be able to take some of these things with us and apply them to our own lives.




NIXY: When did you start paddle boarding? What motivated you to get involved with this sport?

St. Pierre Family: The first time we stumbled across and experienced paddle boarding was back in 2015. Although Tracy has always wanted to try it for herself, we never had the opportunity. As you will have it, we were at a friend’s house on Lake Austin for a BBQ one day and saw that they had a SUP on their boat dock. Of course, we had to ask if we could try it and as soon as we got on, we instantly fell in love with paddle boarding.



family isup fun


NIXY: Why did you choose a NIXY inflatable SUP? What do you like most about your board?

St. Pierre Family: We did a substantial amount of research on numerous companies in the market before purchasing. We ended up choosing NIXY because of its quality and price point. We came across two other companies in the marketplace with the board’s ability to reach above 15 PSI and they were well over $1200 depending on model. In searching, we wanted two different boards. Tracy was looking for an iSUP with extreme stability and safe for the kids, so she felt the Newport was great fit.  I wanted an inflatable paddle board that was sleek, narrow, and fast so I felt the Manhattan was a solid choice. We also loved all the features and accessories the SUP’s had to offer. Lastly, the amount of gear we can store on the board is fantastic and is one of our favorite things.


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NIXY: What activities do you enjoy with your board? Any adventure you are particularly proud of?

St. Pierre Family: We are looking into full day exploration adventure on different lakes, rivers, and oceans. We are also considering overnight camping trips with the kids. Since we are still relatively new owning a paddle board, our biggest adventure thus far was a 14-mile day trip down the Colorado River without our kids. It was fun because it gave us a sense of seclusion like we were really off the grid since it was mainly unoccupied land with no entry points.


paddle board adventure


NIXY: What are your thoughts of paddle boarding being used as a Social Distancing tool?

St. Pierre Family: Social distancing in this strange time is tough. Especially for kids to be cooped up at home all day with not much to keep active. Paddle boarding allows the opportunity to spend time together while keeping a distance from others. This allows us to venture out and observe the wildlife and explore nature. It is also perfect for moms and dads too; there are no phones or tablets to distract the children and we have their undivided attention to discuss any topic or lesson that may be on our minds.


paddle boarding with kids


NIXY: What do you like the most about paddle boarding?

St. Pierre Family: The thing we like the most about paddling is the sense of peace it brings us. It is a great tool to get away from everyday pressure and escape the realities of life. It also makes us feel like we’re in a tranquil environment and one with nature. That great experience is magnified on solo trips and we cannot encourage it enough.


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NIXY: What piece of advice would you give to someone who is starting out on paddle boarding? Any tips? What factors should they consider when selecting a board?

St Pierre Family: The advice we would give to someone who is new to the sport is to choose your board according to your needs. This sport is an affordable way to get out on the water and get some fitness, fishing, or any activity done all while enjoying the great outdoors. People should consider what they intend on doing and who they will go with when deciding on a stand-up paddle board. Know the waters they are wanting to explore before committing and to always be cautious and put safety first. For someone looking into purchasing a board the first thing they will need to do is determine what type of paddling they will be doing. Whether it is fitness, recreation, or a combination, they will need to research the features of each board. We suggest looking at the quality and construction of the iSUP as well. In my opinion, after an extensive research, the best bang for the buck was NIXY Sports. We would highly recommend this product to both new and experienced paddlers alike.


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