SUP Fun in the Sun with the Connelly Girls


This week we'd like to introduce you to Colleen and Karly Connelly. They are the mother-daughter duo showing us exactly what SUP fun in the sun means. The Connelly girls have gone above and beyond with practicing yoga on a SUP and it'd be a shame if we didn't share their story! Although yoga is known to be a calming experience, SUP Yoga can be an exhilarating mind-body workout. The workout itself combines strengthening and muscle toning that can burn up to 500 calories. As for the meditation portion, it helps clear the mind and bring focus as well as purpose into the poses. Blend it all together with a dynamic mother-daughter duo and the outcome would be the Connelly girls. What makes them so special is their ability to perform synchronized acroyoga poses on an iSUP. Now imagine that! The concentration and strength it takes is absolutely endearing. Who would have thought doing SUP yoga with your kid would turn into such a great bonding experience?  


A lawyer by day, yogi/gymnast by heart, and a full time super mom is who Colleen is. She grew up participating in competitive dancing and gymnastics as well as partaking in long distance running. With a background like that it certainly would have her transition into Yoga as an adult somehow. Her daughter Karly followed in her footsteps and loves competitive gymnastic. With the the same playful energy they both share, this mother-daughter duo are bound to show us the definition of SUP fun.  


Colleen's sons play hockey and as a family they spend a lot of time at skating rinks for training or tournaments. She wanted to search for something special to do with just her daughter since most of their time was preoccupied. Then the idea sparked. It was just another day at the rink when the two were playing with handstands that it occurred to her what that something special was. Colleen decided she was going to start an Instagram page showcasing the various yoga and gymnastics tricks and poses. Karly loved the idea and couldn't contain her excitement as shown through their photos/videos. Now they have a large following, participate in challenges, and create amazing content on Instagram.  


“I’m always looking for fun new things to try and Karly loves that. We have taken a hand to hand acro class, aerial silk yoga class, and do the iSUP yoga in addition to just screwing around in our family room and front and back yards. Everywhere we go, we look at the setting as an opportunity for a cool photo op. This keeps it fun and has been very bonding. Karly loves that this is “our thing” for just her and I. The key is to make it fun and do it with them!!”  


Colleen found NIXY through her yoga instructor Linda who happens to be an avid SUP yoga practitioner. She heard great things about it and after some research she determined it was the NIXY Venice would be the best choice for some SUP fun. Both Colleen and Karly found it to be an easy way to practice poses once they got over the initial fall into the water. That is when they realized that getting wet is all part of the fun!

  • They recommend regular Yoga clothes that you don’t mind getting wet.
  • It’s important to get a good stretch on land, like most sports, SUP Yoga is easier and safer when you’re properly warmed up.
  • Stay Focused! Because with the restrictions on water, SUP yoga requires intense focus and balance to keep your paddle board steady while holding or transitioning between poses. Those challenges will refine your technique on land and work muscles you aren’t used to.
  • HAVE FUN! The amazing benefit to practicing yoga on the water vs. land is that you will be doing it outdoors on a beautiful, calm body of water. Breathing fresh air with every pose and appreciating the beautiful scenery surrounding you. Is the ultimate experience to find balance from the inside out don’t you think?



“We want to keep doing what we're doing would love to increase our following. Karly and I love to do Instagram chllenges and have won 2 out of the three done so far (one was an SUP/yoga challenge with our NIXY board!) We're also trying to raise some awareness around ecofriendly brands. We are excited to see where this goes and will continue to have fun playing acroyoga together! “ So go out with your family and show us what SUP fun in the sun means to you.


We love following our NIXY family’s paddling adventures. Please share your photos and stories with us at We would love to share your experiences with the world! You can follow Colleen and Karly on Instagram connellygirlsgymyoga to view more incredible pictures and follow their journey. Don't forget to give us a follow as well nixysports to get exclusive offers!


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