NIXY Landing Mat is the Perfect Accessory

The New NIXY Landing Mat

Looking for a landing mat to protect your valuable iSUP or any other equipment? Look no further! NIXY has developed a mat to keep your paddleboard clean and free of scratches. This durable and versatile mat will become your best friend on any adventure you partake in.

Durable, Compact, and Light1/21/2022

The NIXY Landing Mat can protect your iSUP, Kayak, or any other equipment on any surface. Lay it out on hard, rocky, or messy surfaces without worrying about dirtiness or damage to your iSUP. Durability was our top priority when we designed the mat which is why it's made with 100% RipStop Nylon. The mat is the perfect size (57" x 144") making it large enough to place your iSUP and other gear. When folded into the bag it's only 8" x 5" x 3 1/2". How much more compact can this get? Not to mention, the weight of the bag, mat and stakes is less than 1 lb.!

The Most Versatile Landing Mat

There are so many other ways to utilize this mat. Such as bringing it to the beach and have as many as 4-6 people on it. Take it along on camping trips to lay out your gear or valuables. In addition, use it on lawns, parks, or even hiking trips! We've also included stakes to place through the corner loops to help hold the mat in place. The best part of this landing mat you ask? It is sand proof and water resistant making cleaning effortless! Watch the dirt and sand slide right off by giving it a few good shakes. It dries fast to make packing quick and easy so you can work a little less. Cleaning shouldn't be hard so we've made sure it is machine washable as well.

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Check it out and learn more about our landing mat here on the product page.

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