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Inflatable SUP Review

The standout features of our NIXY Newport G2 are reviewed by Features include: -Ideal "all around" board for beginners -Fusion layer drop stitch technology makes it a really light yet rigid board -Three detachable fins allow for a lot of versatility -Fantastic backpack, high-quality leash, and paddle Follow the link to read more.

Amazing Boards by NIXY

This inflatable SUP review highlights all the greatness of NIXY's Newport G2 iSUP. With the newest and most advanced technology, our boards are the best deal on the market. Although our prices are incredibly competitive, we do not our products fall below the top of the line. We design new boards every year so you know that we are staying on top of the technology. Also we are local to Southern California and use our boards all the time, so we know their quality. We have a great team here and are really dedicated to giving our customer the best experience possible. Any issues are resolved quickly and with understanding. We stand for the highest quality. Inflatable SUP review after inflatable SUP review, we are consistently ranked among the best paddle boards. NIXY is represented all over the United States and Canada and we keep hearing of customers getting asked about our boards. Even when we go out to use our boards, we see the quality difference in our boards from others we see. NIXY designs and builds our iSUPs to perform and look amazing. The clean design and ease of use make it a breeze to set up and use. So go check out's inflatable SUP review to see what NIXY's Newport G2 can really do!

Unique Experience from NIXY

When you purchase a board from NIXY, we treat you as if you are our most important customer, because you are. If you have any issues with you board, we will deal with it. Our 2 year warranty proves our confidence in our inflatable stand up paddle boards. Despite this, you may still be having trouble deciding which company to go with. Let me explain why NIXY is the way to go. First and foremost, we began NIXY because when searching for a new inflatable SUP, we couldn't find the quality we wanted for a reasonable price. We got our first board and it did not live up to our standards. We knew there had to be a better way to get iSUPs into the hands of people who would enjoy them. NIXY designed the boards with a few things in mind.

  • High quality material
  • Most advanced technology
  • Beautiful and clean look
  • Affordable

NIXY has succeeded in producing an iSUP that anyone can enjoy. Our inflatable SUP reviews all over the internet consistently rank our boards highly. So when you make you decision, know that NIXY will not disappoint.


Shop all of our board options on our products page here. And please call us or email us at if you have any questions!


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