NIXY Elite iSUP Electric Pump

NIXY Elite Electric Pump

NIXY Elite iSUP Electric Pump is the perfect accessory for an inflatable paddle board. With ample power and it's portability, you can't go wrong with investing in our electric pump. This pump is easy to use and can inflate or deflate your inflatable paddle board.

Why Our Electric Pump?

There are many reasons to go with our NIXY Elite iSUP Electric Pump and here are just a few reasons why. POWERFUL: This High-Pressure electric pump inflates up to 20 PSI for rigid SUP boards PORTABLE: Small enough to take anywhere or stow anywhere EASY TO USE: Our pump has an adjustable auto-shut off that turns off once it reaches the selected pressure UNIVERSAL: Works for all NIXY Paddle Boards and many other paddle boards/iSUPs on the market. This electric pump is compatible with any inflatable paddle board, kayak or boat with a Halkey Roberts H3 valve. WARRANTY: With this iSUP electric pump comes a 1 YEAR WARRANTY covering everything outside normal wear & tear. INCLUSIVE: Optional 12-V cigarette lighter plug in or 12-V battery cables. Flexible and non-kinking hose with H3 nozzle. Carrying bag with top handle and shoulder strap.

Make Paddling A Little Easier

Besides what's listed above, wouldn't you like to be out on the waters a little longer? Using a manual pump may take a little more energy than you'd like. Hence, the reason why you should already have an electric pump. This iSUP electric pump can do all the work for you when inflating your iSUP so that you can paddle and explore a while longer. Don't worry, the pump also has the option the deflate when you do decide to end your adventure. Who wouldn't want to make their experience more effortless and pleasant?


Check out some of the reviews we have received for this product by and   Click Here and get your NIXY Elite iSUP Electric Pump today! This also makes a great gift for that paddle boarder in your life. There is also a 90 day guarantee on this product if you decide it isn't right for you.


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