Love on a SUP - A Proposal to Remember

Life’s greatest adventure is discovering love in many ways. Whether it be for another person, an activity such as stand up paddle boarding, or both! Imagine how wonderful it is to find a partner who shares the same passion and wants to do life with you. The willingness of growing stronger together mentally and physically while exploring the outdoors is truly exciting. Soon enough it becomes a bucket list filled with dreams waiting to be conquered, together. Joseph and Veronika’s love story has inspired us to share their special day with our tribe.

“Some things are destined to be. It just takes us a couple of tries to get there” J.R. Ward

This sure was destiny. As Joseph was on the brink of giving up on a dating app, hedecided to give it one last shot. In spring of 2018 he messaged Veronika in hopes that she would be agree to meet in person. Fortunately, she agreed and went on a first date to remember. From there on, their relationship unfolded and flourished.

“I never extended any matches ever because you know, we all have egos. Something about her profile made me do it. Within 10 seconds she had replied and my first response was ‘you love to play games don’t you?’ The notification of the extension got her attention and her friend told her to check it and that whoever it is she must go on a date. Coming from a religious family and finding out her friend that told her to go on a date is named Jesus. OMG. Our first date was awesome and at that point we were already planning our second and third date. All three dates happened in a week which included a comedy show, concert that we still talk about, and a surprise road trip. The road trip turned out to be a camping trip. I packed 2 bags of food and gear for 2-3 days and asked her if she was up for it. She had no idea how long or far the trip was so I was surprised she agreed and said yes!”

The first year together passed in a blink of an eye for Joseph and Veronika. Both being passionate about paddle boarding, they decided to become NIXY iSUP owners. Sharing a home together, going on guided paddle boarding tours, traveling all over Europe (Veronika’s family is in Slovakia), there is definitely some fun to be had! The second year of their relationship, they conquered a big milestone by buying their first home. What a big accomplishment! In their third year together, Joseph asked himself “how do I surprise my best friend? I’m a natural planner and normally in charge of all travel, adventures, projects, etc. but this one is different. On this next trip, I will go down on one knee.”


nixy isups


“I booked a tiny cabin in the beautiful Northern Frontenac of Ontario, Canada. We brought our gravel bikes and of course, our NIXY iSUPs. I planned all the gravel routes that turned out to be 80km in total and paddle routes across 3 lakes. We like to call our NIXY boards our magic carpets as it literally takes us on an adventure every time we’re out. It’s never the same and each route is always a beautiful memory and experience. My plan was to set up a small brunch in front of our cabin displaying our bikes and boards as if we were going to take an Instagram photo. While her attention was on the camera, I would get down on one knee and propose to her.

During the proposal, I wanted to tell her how I felt about her and life itself. I wanted her to know that I see life like a one-way road. You only move forward and it’s up to you how fast or slow you want to go and enjoy each moment. You get to experience each avenue whether it’s good or bad. You get to meet people along the way that are meant to be there at that specific time and some others for a short amount of time. At the end of the day, we collect memories and experiences as we go through time. I wanted her to know that I wanted her to be with me in all those avenues forever. In the past, present, and future.”

NIXY iSUPs Paddle board


“The night before I was unable to sleep. It was close to 5am when I went outside the cabin to get some air. A thick black fog covered the lake and in that moment of stillness as I stared into the breathtaking view, a new proposal idea came to mind. I had not yet scouted the lake and had no idea what was out there, but across the fog on the other side of the lake, I could see the silhouette of a big rock. Judging by where the rock was and where the sun would shine later in the day, I knew the light would pierce through the fog and shine in that specific spot. So, I thought it would be fantastic if I proposed there.

My plan required me to wake her up right then at 5:15am to get ready and grab our paddle board to get across the lake during that hour. I was in luck because she agreed, although a bit grumpy, and immediately got dressed.

Not too long after, we were on our NIXY inflatable paddle boards heading towards the rock. It looked so beautiful and as I predicted, the sun was starting to shine on top of it. When we arrived, I said ‘let's anchor the boards and take a selfie on the rock.’ She had NO IDEA what was coming! My plan was working perfectly.

Drum roll please… We were on the rock and it was SHOWTIME. Time to whip out the Bling Bling! All of a sudden, my breathing got tight and I froze. I got super nervous and my mind went blank. Until then, I had it all figured out. What now? Well, even while being nervous I just kept going. I got down on one knee while she was saying ‘WTF are you doing?’. The nerves really got to me that I was unable to take the ring out, so I had to rip the packaging off (so suave) and all I could utter while looking into her eyes was ‘I am doing MAGIC…would you like to be my best friend forever?’ You can imagine how happy I was when she said YES.” It certainly was a magical moment.

nixy isup proposal


“If she doesn’t change her mind, our wedding is scheduled for August of 2022. We’ll do our best to squeeze in our NIXY iSUPs for this event!

SUP paddleboard nixy

From all of us at NIXY, THANK YOU!

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