7 Ways to Help Prolong Your Inflatable SUP

Paddle boarding is so much fun. The versatility of an inflatable SUP is hard to beat. You can literally take your board EVERYWHERE and enjoy any body of water on this planet. After a few paddling adventures with it, your board becomes a part of you, making it your reliable “buddy”. Want to have your new friend last you many years without losing performance and quality? Here are some simple tips to help prolong your iSUP.

Clean your inflatable SUP after paddling. Nothing that requires too much work of course. A quick rinse with fresh water (especially after paddling in saltwater) will do the trick. Be sure the valve is closed when rinsing. Let it air dry if possible or wipe it down with a towel. If there are stain areas, try a mild soap rub with a cloth to remove it. Do not forget to remove any sand or debris from the fin boxes and paddle. It will help when installing the fins and connecting the paddle on your next use.

Dry the board before folding or storing. We would recommend bringing along a towel with you each time you go paddling. Use the towel to remove excess dirt then dry the board before folding. If the board is still a bit wet, leave the top of the bag open so it can air out. This will also help you avoid bacteria growth and any damage to your iSUP.

Do not remove the valve from the inflatable SUP when inflating or deflating. If you are having issues with the valve, try tightening it with the valve wrench included in the repair kit. It is a good idea to tighten the valve from time to time to ensure it is always ready for an adventure. Please be gentle. DO NOT tighten or loosen the valve when the iSUP is inflated. Make sure it is ALWAYS deflated before adjusting the valve.

Store your inflatable SUP in a safe area. When you are ready to store your board be sure it is the clean and fully dry. A shady dry area that is not too hot is a great spot for it. If you are going to store the board inflated, lay it flat on the fin side and avoid placing items on top of it. This will keep the board from any deformations or damage to it. If you are storing it in a hot area or room inflated, it is best to release a bit of air pressure. When you want to get back on the water, top off the remaining PSI.

Set to hit the water? Well, do not drag your board into it. Keep in mind, the boards are made with long lasting materials but dragging it along the surface may cause damage. If you want yours to last for years to come, avoid dragging it or banging it against rocks and sharp objects.

Never stand on top of the board on land with the fins installed underneath. Not only can the fins break, the fin box can be damaged as well. Also, if in shallow waters and the fin is laying on the sand, move the board to a deeper area to avoid any mishaps.

Leaving an inflatable stand up paddle board under the sun or heat for long periods of time is not ideal. All inflatable SUPs have UV blocking additives in their PVC but letting it sit in the sun will wear the protective layer down. You can help prolong its lifespan and discoloration by keeping the board under shade when it is not being used. Try covering the board with towels or anything to shade it when there is no other option. Remember that heat will increase the internal air pressure (PSI) if the iSUP is left under the sun on a hot day. Do not inflate your board to the maximum recommended PSI so that it has space to “expand” when it is overheated.


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We hope you enjoy your board and look forward following your paddling adventures. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at chat@nixysports.com or call us at 844-649-9787. We are always happy to help. Everything in life needs a little TLC, including your inflatable stand up paddle board, to help it last many years!

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